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What to do in Tokyo, Japan? And why you will love this city.

What to do in Tokyo, Japan? And why you will love this city.

The Vermilion Torii Gates In Hanazono Inari Shrine, Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan

What to do in Tokyo in Japan? There’s no doubt that the capital Tokyo is a showcase for the most exciting combination of antiquity and modernity globally.

The city streets are covered with flashing neon signs, vending machines, apartment buildings, restaurants, department stores, and so much more.

However, some of the backstreets of Tokyo are still reminders of the culture of Japan. 

Billboards in Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho district Tokyo, Japan
Billboards in Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho district
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Are you planning to travel to Japan, Tokyo? Then this guide is the perfect one for you! Check out the below information you need to know when visiting this beautiful and vibrant city.

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General Overview

  • Language: Japanese
  • Currency: Japanese Yen 
  • Time Zone: GMT+9 

Best Time to Visit

What to do in Tokyo, Japan - Visit Chidorigafuchi park
Chidorigafuchi park during the spring season
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The ideal time to visit Tokyo Japan is during spring, which is March to May. It’s when the cherry blossoms appear, and the county rejoices with parties and picnics in the parks. But Tokyo is a fantastic city to visit at any time.

Why Visit Tokyo?

What to do in Tokyo, Japan - Visit Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
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From the different historic sites, neon-lit buildings, and many temples, Japan’s busiest city combines the best of the traditional and ultra-modern world.

It’s also home to some of the most advanced technological innovations today, apart from being a prominent cultural hub on the planet.

The city is by far one of the ideal travel spots globally, and it’s simple to know why. 

What to do and see in Tokyo, Japan?

Maiko geisha
Maiko geisha
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What to do in Tokyo, Japan? You will find many exciting things to see and do when you visit Tokyo. Here are some of them:

  • Take in a Geisha show – It’s one of the popular shows in Japan. These women underwent extensive training to perform in traditional dance routines and play their instruments.
  • Dive into the world of Japanese mystery at the Vermilion Torii Gates.
  • Watch a match in the stadium of the most popular sport in Japan: Sumo wrestling.
  • Enjoy the famous Cherry blossoms in multiple spots like the park Shinjuku Gyoen or the Chidorigafuchi Park (Only from March till May).
Tokyo skyline with the Sumida River in Japan
Tokyo skyline with the Sumida River in Japan
  • Take an afternoon and discover Tokyo from the water with a cruise on the Sumida River.
  • Have a night out singing Karaoke, the well-liked pastime for Japanese people.
  • Walk on Shibuya Crossroad, the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, with as many as 3.000 people crossing at a time.

Food & Restaurants in Tokyo

Fresh and delicious maki and nigiri sushi rolls
Fresh and delicious maki and nigiri sushi rolls

No city could be called a world-class city for tourism unless the food and restaurant are excellent. Tokyo is ideal in all terms. It has incredible food, and Japanese cuisine is undoubtedly unique. You might wish to check out these restaurants if you’re planning to visit Tokyo: 

  • Ise Sueyoshi for fine dining with traditional “Kaiseki” style Japanese cuisine.
  • Kitcho, a world-renowned restaurant with authentic Japanese Cuisine with 3 Michelin stars.
  • Ninja Shinjuku Ajito and Ninja Shinjuku Akasaka, for a great food experience with Ninja entertainment.
  • Han no Daidokoro Honten, a Japanese Steakhouse/ Grill with a.o. Wagyu beef.
  • Sushi Kanesaka, in the Palace Tokyo Hotel for delicious Sushi and seafood.
High Tech Sushi Restaurant Uobei
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  • For a very different Food Experience, High Tech Restaurant Uobei for superfast and great Sushi.
  • Nishiazabu Gogyo Restaurant, for excellent Ramen, especially the burnt version.
  • New York Grill at the Park Hyatt Hotel, for the best Kobe and Wagyu Steaks with a breathtaking view of the Skyline of Tokyo.

Shops in Tokyo

What to do in Tokyo, Japan - Akihabara district Tokyo Japan
Akihabara district 
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Shopping is universal. Japan Tokyo is home to Ginza, which is the most sought-after shopping areas in the world. It’s also home to different unique shopping experiences, which take shopping to the next level for foreigners and locals. Here are good shopping stores and areas to explore:  

  • Shop in the Electric Town known as the Akihabara District
  • Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho District, one of Tokyo’s largest shopping and entertainment districts
  • District Ginza, Tokyo’s premier upmarket shopping district
  • The Market street Ameyayoko-Cho 
  • Nakamise Shopping Arcade, to shop for a.o. Ningyo-yaki, little baked doll cakes, the local specialty sweets.

Culture & History Buildings

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo Japan
The Imperial Palace in the Chiyoda district
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Tokyo is a fantastic trove of cultural and historical Japanese monuments as well. What to do in Tokyo, Japan, there is so much? A few of the significant cultural and historical attractions include:

  • Tour the Imperial Palace. You will surely not want to miss this historical place surrounded by museums, architectural buildings, and gardens. 
  • Visit a temple – Japan has many temples worth a visit, like the Sensō-Ji Temple, the Kanda Myojin Shrine, or the Inokashira Benzaiten Shrine situated in a park.
Kanda Myojin Shrine in Tokyo Japan
Kanda Myojin Shrine
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  • Relax in Kitanomaru Park, a serene oasis in Tokyo’s middle, with gardens, trees, a pond with rowboats.
  • Discover important Japanese artwork like paintings and sculptures at Tokyo National Museum 
  • Go to the Kanda Myojin Shrine, an important shrine with a 1.300-year-old history.
  • The Tokyo Skytree is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo. It is a broadcasting and observation tower.
  • Not to be confused with The Tokyo Tower. This Eiffel Tower-inspired building is a communications and observation tower.

Day Trips from Tokyo

What to do in Tokyo, Japan - Visit Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji

Tokyo has many things to explore, hear, taste, and see. However, if you have more than a few days in this lovely city, you could consider a day trip. Here are good options for you:

  • Mount Fuji, It’s one of the most sought-after Japanese attractions, situated nearly sixty miles outside of Tokyo.
  • Visit Hakone for a rejuvenating getaway from the city. Spend the day lounging in the many hot springs and spas around the town, like the Yunessun complex or the more traditional Tenzan.  
  • Take a day trip to Onjuku Chuo Beach, a huge beautiful beach for relaxing and sunbathing.
  • Visit the Nikkō Tōshō-gū Shrine and the Rinnō-Ji temple complex in Nikko. Combine the trip with a visit to the Kegon Waterfalls.

Don`t you love this city with so many possibilities for a fantastic holiday?

Need to know more about Japan? Visit the official Tourist Website of Japan.
For tickets, look at this website: GetYourGuide.

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