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Osaka in Japan for an unforgettable vacation.

Osaka in Japan for an unforgettable vacation.

Tourists at Dotonbori shopping street, Osaka in Japan
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Ever thought about Osaka in Japan to put your travel wish list? Are you planning about having a trip to Japan but not sure where to go? Do you wish to experience a vast city but still has the old Japanese culture concealed away? Then may we recommend going to Osaka in Japan? Osaka is a beautiful city, always hectic but less busy than Tokyo.


Language: Kansai dialect
Currency: Japanese Yen
Time Zone: GMT +9

Best Time to Visit Osaka in Japan

The red bridge in Minoh Waterfall Park
The red bridge in Minoh Waterfall Park in Autumn
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You can visit the beautiful place of Japan Osaka at any time of the day, as the weather there is very temperate. Here is some short overview of the seasons in Osaka to give you an insight:

Fall is from October to November
Spring is from March, April to May
Summer is from June, July, August in Osaka is hot and humid.
Winter is from December, January to February is cold, but not too cold for traveling.

Why Visit Osaka?

A happy Tourist at Osaka Castle
A happy Tourist at Osaka Castle
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You might be thinking if Osaka is a much better place to visit than Tokyo. Both cities are massive and have many tourist spots to see, including a wide array of skyscrapers, shrines, temples, parks, museums, and shops. Both are home to exciting amusement parks too! And also Osaka in Japan provides plenty of tourist spots, such as the Kaiyukan Aquarium, Osaka Castle, and Dotonbori neon lights. The only difference is that Osaka’s scale is smaller than Tokyo.

Another good thing about this place is that it is close to cities like Kobe, Nara, and Kyoto, known as Japan’s best cities to visit. So ideal for day trips.

Things to See and Do in Osaka

Umeda Sky Building in Kita-Ku district in Osaka in Japan
Umeda Sky Building in Kita-Ku district in Osaka in Japan
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Your travel to Osaka would not be complete without visiting the famous tourist spots such as the following:

  • Visit the amazing Umeda Sky Building, one of the landmarks of Osaka. The Floating Garden Observatory spans and connects the two towers. From there you can view the city from a height of 170 meters.
  • Have a relaxing day at the Spa World Onsen, a gigantic hot spring theme park with 2 natural hot springs
  • Though small and modest, the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum is a must-see for Japanese art lovers.
  • Visit Osaka Aquarium, the world`s largest aquarium. One of Japan’s most spectacular aquariums, world-renowned for its innovative presentation
  • The Dotonbori area is Osaka’s most famous tourist destination. The sparkling entertainment, the flashy neon lights, extravagant signage, and the enormous variety of restaurants and bars attracts a lot of tourists.
Keitakuen garden in Tennoji Park, Osaka in Japan
Keitakuen garden in Tennoji Park, Osaka in Japan
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  • Treat yourself to a little Zen in Keitakuen Garden in Tennoji Park.
  • Stock up on positive vibes in Sumiyoshi Park, as the locals do.
  • Enjoy the amazing views from the Tempozan Ferris Wheel at Tempozan Harbor Village.

Food & Restaurants in Osaka, Japan

Okonomiyaki, a Japanese Pancake
Okonomiyaki, a Japanese Pancake
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The city symbolizes the voracious appetite of the county, along with its authentic food. The mouth-watering prefecture is considered The Kitchen of the Nation. It is known for its many delicious dishes and street food. Here are some restaurants and districts to check out when you visit.

  • Restaurant Okonomiyaki Chitose, for delicious Okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake. Okonomiyaki is Osaka`s comfort food and means Cooked just how you like it.
  • Restaurant Kanidouraku Dotombori-Honten, for excellent Japanese Cuisine, Sushi or Seafood
Takoyaki the most popular street snack
Takoyaki the most popular street snack
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  • Takoyaki Streetfood is the most famous Japanese snack food in Japan. Best to try in Kogaryu in the American district or Hanadako in the Umeda district.
  • Tsuki no Odori for fine Chicken Yakitori. Chicken parts like thighs, breasts, skin, hearts served on skewers. But also smoked chicken, spicy wings, and chicken hotpot in white miso and salt flavor.
  • Osaka Cuisine Asai, for fine traditional Japanese Cuisine.

Shops in Osaka, Japan

The Shinsekai District in Osaka Japan
The Shinsekai District in Osaka Japan
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Did you know that Osaka is famous as the best city for bargaining? That’s because the city has a powerful spirit for sales from both shoppers and sellers. Here are nice places to shop:

  • Tenjuibashi Suji a 2,6 km shopping street with more than 600 shops, for people seeking a truly authentic experience while in Osaka.
  • The Midōsuji boulevard in the Minami district is the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor stroll, luxury retail shopping, and designer brands.
  • Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store has the largest retail space of any department store in Japan.
  • Tennoji Mio is a commercial complex with over 380 brands.
  • Grand Front Osaka a huge luxury Shopping Mall.
Shinsaibashi is the most famous shopping street in the Dontonburi area in Osaka, Japan.
Shinsaibashi is the most famous shopping street in Dotonburi area
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  • Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping Street, a bustling shopping district with a wide range of high-end tax-free shops.
  • Diamor Osaka, an underground shopping center with unique trendsetting shops and streets paved with marble and brick. The stunning open atmosphere and soft natural light are not what you would expect from an underground space.
  • Hep Five, a major shopping and entertainment mall.

Culture & History Buildings

Osaka Castle in Autumn
Osaka Castle in Autumn
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Do you plan to explore the rich culture and history of Osaka through their buildings? Here are good choices to consider:

  • Experience Osaka Castle, a prominent landmark of Osaka’s history and culture. The Osaka Castle rises majestically above the city center. The surrounding beautiful park is a true metropolitan oasis.
  • Go to Namba Yasaka Shrine. It is not the oldest shrine in Osaka but very famous. This is because of the very Instagram-worthy Lion head-shape building.
  • Visit the Shitennō-ji Temple is one of the first Buddhist temples to be built officially by the government.
  • Be amazed at the Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum in the Umeda Sky Building. And dive into the enchanting world of colorful art by the renowned Japanese artist Koji Kinutani.

Day Trips from Osaka

The Red Torii gates in Fushimi Inari shrine, Kyoto
The Red Torii gates in Fushimi Inari shrine, in Kyoto, Japan
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Do you have limited time traveling in Japan, Osaka? Perhaps you are looking for good day trips. Here are a few of them:

  • Explore Kyoto, Japan`s cultural and historical heart of the country. Experience numerous classical temples, shrines, gardens, and traditional wooden houses. Don’t forget to enjoy a traditional Tea Ceremony.
Sacred Deer in Nara Japan
Sacred Deer in Nara Japan
  • If you like deers, you should visit Nara. The locals consider them sacred, so they feel safe to roam around closely to people. And at the same time, you can admire the world’s largest bronze statue of Buddha.
  • Nearby city Kobe is the seventh-largest city in Japan. It is known for its trademark marbled beef and scenic setting of mountains bordering the harbor.
Himeji Castle with Fuji mountain in the background in Himeji
Himeji Castle with Fuji mountain background, Himeji, Japan
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  • Visit the Himeji Castle to enjoy this fairytale white castle built with wood.
  • Go to Mount Koya in Kōyasan is the center of Shingon Buddhism with more than 100 temples. Experience the religious ceremonies, mediation, and sutra copying.

Are you ready to visit Japan Osaka in the future? Make sure you consider these ideas mentioned above, so you’re informed!

Need to know more about Japan? Visit the official Tourist Website of Japan.
For tickets, look at this website: GetYourGuide

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