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The Best Airbnb Experiences Online to Check Out.

The Best Airbnb Experiences Online to Check Out.

Airbnb Experiences

Are you one of those people who often get bored being at home? You might be craving for a bit of human engagement while anticipating your next journey.

Whatever your motive for staying home, you will find a means to scratch the familiar travel itch from your sofa’s comfort. The good thing is that you can enjoy it with Airbnb Experiences today, from the comfort of your home!

Check out our 10 favorite 10 cool Airbnb Experiences:

Airbnb Experiences - Skincare and Natural Cosmetics Workshop

1. Skincare and Natural Cosmetics Workshop

Beatrice Ambra, a natural skincare professional, will teach you how to take simple ingredients and create natural skincare products inside your home. The class will include recipes for a body and face scrub. She will also educate you about the various skin types and the one that fits your best. Have fun!


2. Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl

Pet lovers will enjoy meeting the progenies of dogs abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy in 1986. The portion of the session is composed of feeding the dogs along with their caretaker. You will also get to discover the great power plant afterward.


3. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk

In this Airbnb Experience, you get a chance to learn two kinds of meditation. The session is composed of a ten-minute breathing exercise and a twenty-minute chanting mantra exercise. A Japanese Buddhist monk, Kuniatsu, leads the session. He will also share his story of how he turned out to be a monk and many more things. Please enjoy!

Secrets of Venice with a Born Venetian

4. Secrets of Venice with a Born Venetian

The passionate and amazing Luca accompany you through this popular Airbnb Experiences session. Directly from his terrace on the Grand Canal, he will guide you through the discovery of the gems of Venice and its millenary secrets! The good thing about this session is that you get to know the REAL Venice discovered through Luca, who was born and raised in Venice.

Mind & Body Masterclass with Mechelle

5. Mind & Body Masterclass with Mechelle

Join Mechelle for this virtual workout for body and mind. Her high-intensity interval training and her story in the pursuit of Olympic Gold will highly motivate you. And another cool thing: all proceeds from this experience go to TrackGirlz, Mechelle`s nonprofit organization that empowers girls through sisterhood and track and field.

Airbnb Experiences - A sandwich Masterclass with a pro

6. A Sandwich Masterclass with a Pro

A super fun Workshop for vegetarians and meat eaters alike! It is not only explaining the meaning and history of the sandwich but end the end of the course you will be able to make the famous New York sandwich! Whether you are a cooking chef or learning to cook for the first time, this workshop works for you.

Airbnb Experiences - One Day in Paris with a Parisian

7. Zoom Around Paris on a Panoramic Tour

Are you one of those individuals who are craving for some romance? You can go to Paris for a bespoke tour of the city. The session is composed of a 360-degree view tour sprinkled with history and insights. It also includes participant-requested highlights. You can surely experience this sought-after tourist spot at the comfort of your home.

Airbnb Experiences - Kyoto Zen Garden, Zen Mind

8. Kyoto Zen Garden, Zen Mind

Travel virtually to Japan and experience the power of nature and art of the Konchi-in Zen Garden! It is a great interactive experience to the unparalleled beauty of a Zen Garden. It feels like you are actually there! Andrew hosts up to 8 people but you can also book a private session.

Online Course Airbnb - Propagating Plants with Hilton Carter

9. Propagating Plants with Hilton Carter

Let Hilton`s experience and passion for greenery lead you through the magic world of indoor plants! He will introduce you to various indoor houseplants and the best way how to cut and grow them indoors. So what are you waiting for?

Drawn from Within with a New York Artist

10. Drawn from Within with a New York Artist

You don`t need to have any art experience or drawing skills to enjoy Ben`s drawing class. You will be exploring your imagination and creative potential & access new ways of seeing! Bring out the artist in yourself and book this class now!

There you have it! These are only some of the Airbnb Experiences you can check out today. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and see it for yourself!

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