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Happiness and Sadness: Can You Live Without One? 

Happiness and Sadness: Can You Live Without One? 

Happiness and Sadness

Did you know that the depth of your sadness could measure the height of your happiness? You see, happiness and sadness are intertwined. 

Happiness isn’t a stand-alone feeling. It’s a comparative emotion.

The happiness you feel is determined against the measure of sadness an individual experienced in the past—the greater the level of sorrow, the greater the happiness.

Without sadness, your happiness has no meaning. Theoretically, the fear of emotional despair restricts a person’s ability to feel happiness’s high heights. 

The Phases in Life with Happiness and Sadness.

Happy or Sad, the choice is yours
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Happiness and sadness are thought to be two opposites. Comparing these two, happiness is perceived as the more critical of the two emotions.

Nonetheless, both are essential to survive sanely.

For instance, have you watched Pixar’s movie, Inside Out? A key plot in that movie is how sadness is essential in natural and healthy life.

You can try your best to restrict, block, or deny it, but doing so will only lead to more unhappiness. 

Why Do You Need Happiness and Sadness?

Choose Happiness
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Happiness and sadness co-exist, and you should accept that. You must know that these two emotions are moving and changing aspects of your lives.

People often compare it to the tides. Your happiness moves upward and downward without the capability to control it.

If you’re feeling unhappy now, you must know that happiness will find its way back into your life.

When that happens again, remember that eternal happiness is only a myth. You will feel unhappy again at one point.

That’s only a part of your life. Your happiness moves like a current, and you cannot completely control it. 

No Rain, No Flowers: What Does It Mean?

No Rain, no Flowers
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This quote means that good things often come from a challenge, pain, or struggle.

Rain is not essentially desirable, but flowers bloom because of it and use it to their benefit. They freely embrace the rain for what it is and flourish because of it.

These are the sentiments of the saying, but they could be interpreted differently. That is the beauty behind it.

Either way, growth is demanding emotionally, physically, or spiritually. That’s what this saying is genuinely about. 

To sum up, happiness and sadness co-exist, and how such emotions shape and move into your life is outside your control.

Nonetheless, that does not mean you do not influence your happiness. 

We genuinely believe that you can steer your life in the best way possible if you’re open to learning about the things that make you happy. 

Are you currently sad and thinking if you can be happy without feeling sadness again?

Then, please remember that feeling sad isn’t something you should prevent at all costs. Sadness is an important emotion that you must turn off. 

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