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Think Positive, Be Happy

Welcome to The Hygg!

A passion project brought to life!

Our greatest passion is the internet! We love to scour the internet to find meaningful, fun, and positive information that we check and curate for you. As the busy and curious person that you are, let us surprise and inspire you.

Positivity is also one of our biggest drivers we bring into this project. We like to focus on the positive things in life, and we want to share that with you. So whenever you have time, you can quickly scan our website and find all the inspiration and positive atmosphere you need to relax and enjoy.

Our vision is to give you

a dose of happiness.

What`s in a name?
`The Hygg` is a playful take on the word “hygge.” A word of Danish origin, which means: “A quality of comfortable coziness that creates a feeling of happiness and satisfaction (source: dictionary.com)

The idea behind The Hygg is simple and much like the idea of “hygge “itself. We want you to have fun, to find inspiration, and to discover new things along the way. We want you to live your life, whether in private or work, as happily as you possibly can.

Only the best and most helpful stuff on the internet for your happiness!

We want to share this happy “hygge” feeling with you on topics we enjoy the most, like travel, nutrition (e.g., health tips and recipes), the digital world, lifestyle, and personal growth. It also includes our favorite websites, online shops and tips of products or services so that you can see for yourself.

We are looking forward to growing together with you as well as learning more about ourselves and the digital world we live in. Discovering and learning every day is an empowering experience, and it is quite an honor and a privilege to share this with you.

We are excited to share this journey in achieving
a happy “The Hygg” lifestyle with you.

Think positive. Be happy!

The Hygg - Handwritten Brandname