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How Mental Health Journal Prompts can Help you start Journaling.

How Mental Health Journal Prompts can Help you start Journaling.

Mental Health Journal Prompts to help journaling

Journaling can be a soothing hobby that helps clear your mind and make sense of your emotions. Mental Health Journal Prompts can help you to start writing.

However, it is not as simple as putting pen to paper for most people. After you sit in front of a blank page, you may think you are unsure what to write in your mental health journal prompts. 

What are Journal Prompts?

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Mental health journal prompts are topic ideas that serve as a jumping-off point for your writing.

A prompt could be as easy as a single image or word that you respond to. But it is often an open-ended question about your feelings, experiences, or yourself. 

Journal mental health prompts also offer you a focus for your journaling. They also provide you with an idea to get you started.

Sometimes, that is all you need for the words to start flowing. 

5 Examples of Health Journal Prompts. 

Example Prompt _ Today I`m grateful for
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Do you need some journaling writing ideas to help you fill your blank paper?

Based on what you are feeling or experiencing, pick one of the journal topics below and start writing. 

  1. Art journaling Prompts. 
    You might prefer to write to reply to art journaling prompts, but you may also like to paint, sketch or draw. Let the topic inspire you.
    – What colors motivate you the most?
    – What’s your favorite flower and why?
    – What’s your favorite word?
    – What is a lyric or song that motivates you?
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  2. Journaling Prompts for Anxiety and Depression. 
    It’s essential to seek support from a professional if you’re experiencing anxiety or depression. Journaling can be an efficient channel to convey your feelings when you are in the middle of challenging times. 
    – Describe a time you helped somebody.
    – Describe a problematic scenario you have overcome.
    – What is the thing you can do for yourself today?
    – What is the goal you’re working hard on these days?
    Various examples of Mental Health Journal Prompts
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  3. Mental Health Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery.
    Journaling can show things about you that you might not have been fully aware of. Try these entry ideas to understand more about yourself, goals, and path in life.
    – Narrate where you see yourself in one year and five years.
    – How would your special friend describe you?
    – Write your eulogy. How do you like to be remembered?
    Learn to start journaling
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  4. Journal Prompts for Kids.
    For children, journaling can become a diving board for expression and creativity. They can respond to daily journaling prompts like the ideas above, but they could benefit from prompts that motivate imaginative ideas.
    – If you had a time machine, which time would you like to travel?
    – Who is the person you always look up to, and why?
    – What would you do if you could spend a whole day doing anything you desired?
  5. Daily Journal Prompts.
    Part of learning how to keep your journal is creating a consistent routine. Try to answer these journal entry ideas regularly. 
    – What are five positive things that happened today?
    – Who made you smile today?
    – What achievements have you accomplished today? 

If you are unsure what to write, feel free to choose one of these mental health journal prompts and start to write something. Good Luck!

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