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Yoga for the Face and exercises to make you look & feel good!

Yoga for the Face and exercises to make you look & feel good!

Yoga for the Face

Have you ever tried yoga for the face? Well, there’s no need to worry because you are not alone. Many individuals have no idea that you can do yoga for your face. So, what is face yoga?

Face yoga or facial exercise is the practice of stretching the muscles in the face. This practice is created to help tighten necks, tone cheeks, lift the skin around the eyes, and smooth lines.

The result is a more elastic, healthy, and clear face. However, does it work?

Does face yoga work?

Elastic healthy and clear face
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Face yoga is composed of repetitive facial exercises, which work by tightening the skin, stimulating face muscles, and lowering aging signs. Strengthening the muscles and engaging them in resistance training helps the body boost circulation to the skin.

Did you know that facial yoga also concentrates on soothing tension in your face? Engaging your muscles helps to keep your face relaxed and rejuvenated. Please take note that it is not intended to substitute anti-aging methods such as sun protection. However, face yoga could help tone your overall features no matter what age.

Does it cause wrinkles?

No, it does not, provided that you use the proper exercises and techniques. If not, you may create wrinkles that are not necessary to get. So it would be best if you took proper lessons in exercises from professionals to really benefit from Face Yoga; otherwise, you might get the opposite effect.

Can you do it every day?

Research proved that a thirty-minute daily facial exercise maintained for more than twenty weeks could make a middle-aged woman look up to three years younger.

Do you want to achieve the best result? Then professionals recommend doing it at least six days every week for approximately thirty minutes per day.

Look at these great examples of Yoga for the Face.

You now understand how yoga for the face works. It’s time that you learn fast and straightforward exercises you can include in your morning routine.

Please note that these are examples of Yoga for the Face exercises. We would recommend going to your local Yoga Professional or search for professional Yoga Classes on the internet, such as Yoga with Adrienne.

1) Giraffe Neck.

Yoga for the face the Giraffe Neck
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Your neck is one of the first regions to show signs of aging. Stretching the muscle in your neck can help firm up the slackness of the décolletage and smooth your mouth and jawline area.

2) Eye Firmer.

The Eyefirmer
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Applying pressure to the areas around your eyes can help fill out the lines from the feared crow’s feet. This face yoga exercise can offer you a morning wake-up call by calming puffy eyes.

3) Temple Lift.

The Temple Lift
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Did you know that tired eyelids are another typical symptom of aging? Lifting your temples often help you smoothen out any folds and weakening skin near your eyes.

4) Cheek Plumper.

Yoga for the Face - The Cheek Plumper
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Let’s face it. Round cheeks are a trademark of a baby-like, youthful, and glowing face. You can work your cheek muscles and push over the natural gravity of your skin. That will provide them a plump and more lifted look.

5) Manual Face Lift.

Yoga for the Face - The manual Face Lift
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It is a beautiful thing if you smile often. However, it can also leave you with those unpleasant smile lines. The Manual face Lift exercise helps you smooth your smile lines and support circulation in the face.

6) The Lion`s Breath.

The Lion`s Breath
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The Lion’s breath is a sitting practice in face yoga. This practice helps you feel more energized as you wake up your face. It releases tension in the jaw, neck, and face and leaves you with new courage, energy, and laughter.

Or take this online class from Yoga with Adrienne. She is an excellent teacher. Her authentic, helpful, and professional classes, full of humor, will help you get started right away!

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So, which of these yoga for the face do you plan to try?

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