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World Mental Health Day 2021 and all you want to know.

World Mental Health Day 2021 and all you want to know.

World Mental Health Day 2021

Every year, World Mental Health Day is held on the 10th of October. That day aims to raise awareness and mobilizes efforts to support mental health.

There’s no doubt that mental health is a hot topic. And that is excellent news as the stigma for mental health problems is slowly going away.

These mental health concerns are finally gaining the attention they deserve.

10th of October World Mental Heatlh Day

Many healthcare individuals and workers feel they can now discuss mental health more openly. Nonetheless, that does not indicate there isn’t still work to do. 

When is World Mental Health Day?

This day was initially observed in October 1992. It began as an annual movement of the World Federation for Mental Health by Richard Hunter.

The day is legally commemorated yearly on the 10th of October. 

What is it exactly?

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World Mental Health is observed yearly in more than 100 nations to encourage and support mental health awareness for people with mental health concerns.

This day has helped widen knowledge, support against social stigmas, and helped people suffering from a broad spectrum of mental illnesses.

Your mental health is composed of your social, psychological, and emotional well-being.

You can observe Word Mental Health Day by raising awareness, strengthening your knowledge about mental health, supporting regional, national, and local organizations passionate about these efforts all year round. 

Why is it celebrated?

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Not everybody experiences a life with mental health problems. Keep in mind that mental health affects everybody.

That’s why talking about mental health with your loved ones is an essential part of that observance. 

The World Federation for Mental Health organizes World Mental Health Day. Every year, organizations worldwide host a wide array of events all year round to raise awareness about mental health problems.

Events involve free mental health screenings, educational seminars, walk-a-thons, conferences, marathons, mass media productions, and public service announcements. 

Why is World Mental Health Day important?

More Awareness

It is important to celebrate this day to stay relevant and essential.

Today, more than ever, we know how much mental health can impact an individual’s entire life—from their workplace to home.

Here are some reasons you should participate in this event:

  • There are an increasing number of people with inadequate care.
  • Depression rates have increased during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • People with Mental illness often encounter discrimination and stigma in the workplace.

How many countries support this?

When is World Mental Health Day

On the 10th of October, many supporters celebrate the annual awareness program to bring more attention to mental conditions and their significant global effects on people’s lives.

In some nations, the day is part of an awareness week.

Whatever you do on this day, remember that World Mental Health Day is all about knowing the importance of mental health and increasing its awareness.

Further, remember that it is a tiny piece to a much bigger picture. Mental health is essential each day. Thus, you should raise awareness today and educate yourself as often as you can.  

We hope you find this post informative and helpful. Are you ready to celebrate World Mental Health Day this 10th of October? 

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