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World Kindness Day: 13th of November to spread good things.

World Kindness Day: 13th of November to spread good things.

Be kind to each other

World Kindness Day is celebrated every year on the 13th of November.

People try to make the world a better place on that day by promoting and celebrating good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as organizations or individuals. 

These days, we live in a world riddled with violence, stress, stigmas against substance abuse and mental health, and a lot of unhappiness.

World Kindness Day is a single day when people can go out of their way to exercise kindness and spread good things to others. 

When is it?

13 November - World Kindness Day
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World Kindness Day is a worldwide day that supports the significance of being kind to one another, to yourself, and the world.

This day is celebrated on the 13th of November every year. It has the purpose of helping everybody understand that compassion for other people is what binds everyone.

That understanding has the power to connect the gap between countries. 

What is it exactly?

World Kindness Day
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The first World Kindness Day started in 1998. It was founded by the World Kindness Movement, which is a nonprofit established in 1997.

The movement strives to encourage people towards better kindness by connecting countries to develop a kinder world. 

Presently, twenty-seven countries are signed up as members, including India, Canada, Oman, China, France, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and many more. 

Why is World Kindness Day celebrated?

Keep in mind that the purpose of this day is to encourage and highlight good deeds in the community.

What’s more, it serves as a great reminder to everyone that simple acts of kindness have power, and together, everyone can work to make a kinder world.

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You may think how compassion from one individual can make a big difference. It is not simple to understand, but each act of kindness, even the smallest one, makes a ripple effect you cannot start to imagine. 

The World Kindness Day and Word Kindness Movement are intended to motivate you to believe that we can create a global difference one act at a time. 

Why is it important?

Even though we may not at all times have time to offer to carry a stranger’s groceries or purchase a cup of coffee for the lady waiting in line behind you, intentionally exercising kindness through mannerisms and words can become part of your daily routine.

People hugging each other
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Research has demonstrated that kindness is associated closely with contentment and happiness on spiritual and psychological levels.

Kindness supports empathy, compassion, gratitude, and interconnectedness. 

Being kind to others can motivate those on the receiving end to pay kindness forward.

Practicing kindness also establishes relationships and friendships and can improve the awareness of your good fortune. 

Kindness is also recognized to lessen stress, help lower negative emotions and improve your immune system. 

How many countries support World Kindness Day?

Nations that participate World Kindness Day
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Anyone across the world can mark World Kindness Day. But it’s more widely celebrated by countries supporting the World Kindness Movement.

It’s not yet a United Nations—recognized day of observance, though. Thus, it does not have the prominence as it could have. 

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