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What’s Self-Awareness? 5 Tips to become a Happier you!

What’s Self-Awareness? 5 Tips to become a Happier you!

What’s Self-Awareness

Have you ever wondered what it is to be aware? What`s self-awareness?

Do you want to be a more effective leader, a better decision-maker, have more influence, or be happier? If so, you have to develop self-awareness.

Once you learn about awareness and develop it, it will help you become the best version of yourself.

What is Self Awareness?

Being Self-Aware
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So, what is self-awareness? Self-awareness refers to the ability to see yourself objectively and clearly through introspection and reflection.

You can focus on yourself, and it helps you determine whether or not your emotions, thoughts, or internal actions are aligned with your internal standards.

Why is it Important?

Self-awareness helps you clarify your thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. You can recognize your effect on others. 

What Self-Awareness is, means that you have better opportunities to have successful relationships and become happier.

You will also experience a sense of social and personal control and higher job satisfaction. 

Self-Awareness is important and liberating
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Moreover, self-awareness gives you the power to influence outcomes, understand situations from multiple perspectives, and free yourself from biases and assumptions. 

5 Tips on How to Become More Self-Aware.

Now, you have a better idea of self-awareness and why you should develop it. However, how do you do it?

Envision yourself

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1. Envision Yourself.

The ideal self can reflect your aspirations, dreams, and hopes. It also helps you speak to your abilities, skills, accomplishments, and achievements you want to attain.

So, visualizing yourself’s best version is helpful to become more self-aware.

Leaning into your strengths to become the best version of yourself help you keep moving in the right direction. Plus, you don’t feel distracted by setbacks and obstacles.

2. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness. 

Meditation refers to the practice of focusing attention on a thing, including breath, a feeling, or a mantra. Mindfulness is being present and focusing on yourself and your surroundings.

Practice meditation and mindfulness
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These two practices help make you more aware of your reaction to things and your internal state. They also help in determining your thoughts and feelings.

3. Consider Reflecting. 

You can reflect in multiple ways. Making time to reflect will help you go over your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

That way, you can identify if you meet your standards or failed them and which part you should improve.

4. Make a Journal.

Make a journal
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Journaling will help you determine, clarify, and accept your feelings and thoughts. This technique will help you identify what works for you, what you value, want, and vice versa.

Writing down thoughts and feelings will help you become more intentional and aware, whether you write poems, bulleted lists, or free-flowing entries. 

5. Ask Other People. 

Ask other people about self-awareness
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You can ask other people about their perceptions of you. It is critical to know about yourself from the inside and outside. 

So, feel free to ask your close friends or family members about what they think about you.

Then, consider what they say and think about you when you reflect or journal. Of course, you can talk to various people to have a comprehensive view of yourself.

As you plan to develop your self-awareness, always ask yourself, “how will I move toward the best version of me today?” 

This will help you get a better picture of yourself, which enables you to improve yourself. And this will make you so much happier and more satisfied!

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