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What Podcast to Listen To? Pick these for a better you!

What Podcast to Listen To? Pick these for a better you!

What Podcast to listen to

Listening to podcasts is undoubtedly an excellent way to substantially improve your life in as little as thirty minutes per day. It’s also a perfect way to get a free education while doing other stuff. Such as cleaning your house, getting ready, or driving. However, what podcasts should you listen to?

In this post, we will present what podcast to listen to. Are you ready? Then let’s dive in!

How do I find podcasts to listen to?

The most sought-after and excellent examples are Spotify and iTunes. Do you have either app on your computer or smartphone? Then navigate to the podcast section, search around, and hit the play button.

If you utilize the Spotify app to listen on your smartphone, the subscription will bring it right over to that platform.

What is a good podcast to listen to?

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To become your best version, you need to learn how you like to grow. What you wish to learn and how you will utilize that knowledge to exercise being your best self. After all, what you practice regularly, you unescapably get good at.

Practicing patience lets you be good at being patient. If you practice appreciation and self-love, you get good at loving and appreciating yourself. That’s where self-improvement and meditation podcasts come in.

These podcasts are an incredible passage into the world of your wisest and highest self. Getting hooked on the most enlightening, inspiring, and empowering ones will put you on the fast track possible.

Top 10 podcasts to listen to on Spotify on self-development.

The list below is an overview of the Podcast we find best for self-development and growth. They are a source of inspiration on how you can improve your life.

If you click on the Podcast, you will hear it on Spotify in a short version when you don`t have the App, or the long version if you have the paid App. All the links send you to the complete series of Podcasts, not a specific episode. You can pick and choose which episode of the Podcast you prefer to listen to.

Check out our top ten picks on Spotify:

1. The Life Coach School Podcast.

Meet Brooke Castillo in this introduction video.

@ The Life Coach School /

Listen here to her Podcast: The Life Coach School Podcast:

@ The Life Coach School -Brooke Castillo /

Hosted by Brooke Castillo, this is an excellent podcast for becoming a Life Coach or to Coach yourself and improve your own life. Brooke Castillo is the Founder and CEO of The Life Coach School. She has trained thousands of clients individually and in groups to improve their lives, weight, businesses, and careers.

And here is her Website: The Life Coach School.

2. Design Your Dream Life.

@ Design Your Dream Life – Natalie Bacon /

Hosted by Natalie Bacon, she shares her lesson on how women can achieve their goals, perfect their mindset, develop a business, and make more money.

On her website, she also offers free Training to up-level your life,

3. The Marie Forleo Podcast.

Meet Marie Forleo in this introduction video. She is a remarkable and very motivating person. Her positivity and way of life is inspiring and will help you to become the person you most want to be. Genuinely happy, successful and creatively fulfilled.

@Marie Forleo/

No matter your dreams or obstacles,
you have the power to change your life and change the world.

Marie Forleo

Listen here to her inspiring Podcast: The Marie Forleo Podcast:

@ The Marie Forleo Podcast/

Marie interviews different big names, and they chat about health, love, productivity, success, happiness, motivation, and more.

Here you will find out more about

4. The Lavendaire Lifestyle.

Meet YouTuber Aileen Xu in this introduction video. She is a content creator and entrepreneur in personal growth and lifestyle design, inspiring people worldwide and create their dream life. Aileen Xu has her own YouTube channel Lavendaire and podcast; The Lavendaire Lifestyle.

@ The Lavendaire Lifestyle/

Life is an Art. Make it your Masterpiece.

Aileen Xu

Listen here to her Podcast: The Lavendaire Lifestyle.

@ The Lavendaire Lifestyle – Aileen Xu /

This podcast is about lifestyle design and personal growth hosted by entrepreneur and YouTuber Aileen Xu. You can join the Lavendaire Lifestyle Community on Facebook.

5. Limitless Life.

@ The Limitless Life – Melyssa Griffin /

I’ve learned that with the right mindset, you can truly live an authentic life.

Melyssa griffin

Most entrepreneurs are kept from success because of the confidence to follow their path and not lack a marketing strategy. Through interviews, coaching sessions, and solo shows, Melyssa Griffin will reprogram your mindset to live your approval-free, limitless life! Truly inspiring!

Here you will find out more about

6. How to Fail Miniseries.

@ How to Fail Miniseries Elizabeth Day /

Mistakes have the power to make you into something better than you were before. So that`s why this podcast is so enlightening. Elizabeth Day discusses every week how you can learn from new interviewees and succeed better from failures.

Here you will find out more about Elizabeth Day.

7. Make money as a Life Coach.

@ Make money as a Life Coach- Stacey Boehman /

Hosted by Stacey Boehman, you will find out how you can achieve your dream life by becoming a Life Coach. And how to turn those to your advantage.

We also found a very nice interview with Stacey Boehman on Lady Boss Blogger, where she talks about her motivation and how she got where she is right now.

Here you will find out more about Stacey Boehman.

8. Style Your Mind Podcast.

@ Style your mind Podcast – Cara Alwill /

Hosted by author and entrepreneur Cara Alwill, this podcast is for women who want to empower themselves and build a beautiful life and career.

Learn how you can design your thoughts, elevate your thinking, and reinvent yourself. These powerful episodes and actionable tools are a mega-dose of inspiration for living your best life.

Here you find out more about Cara Alwill.

9. The Mindful Kind.

@ The Mindful Kind – Rachael Kable /

Do you love more podcasts on mindfulness? Then this one is the podcast you need. Being mindful can be a fun and meaningful journey. And has amazing potential to increase general wellbeing, from managing stress to improving sleep quality.

The show shares insights into mindfulness journeys. And provides listeners with simple and effective tips on how to improve their lives.

Here is her Website:

10. OPRAH`s Super Soul Conversations.

No intro needed, who doesn`t know Oprah Winfrey and her inspiring life and achievements. Get ready, learn, and connect to the world’s deeper meaning around you with Super Soul. Find your best self through Oprah`s interviews with thought-leaders, number-one authors, spiritual leaders, and wellness experts. A great source of inspiration.

@ OPRAH`s Super Soul Conversations/


There you have it! We hope you can choose from so many great Podcasts to listen to.

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