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What Motto to Live by for a Happy Life?

What Motto to Live by for a Happy Life?

Motto to live by for a happier life

Do you have a motto to live by?

Often, you just need some words of encouragement. Perhaps you are having a tough day, or probably you feel like you have been in a funk for a while now but cannot explain why.

Having a motto to live by might help you in that matter. 

What is a motto?

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A motto is a short statement summarizing the beliefs or purpose of an individual, organization, or family.

A motto to live by is not just a quote you believe in but an official statement summarizing yourself and your character. 

  1. A motto tells you what to do—a command reduced to its essence. There’s an action verb in it, either implicit or explicit.
  2. A motto is a short sentence or phrase, normally catchy and punchy, summing up the type of person you are, or you would like to be.
  3. A motto encapsulates a philosophy of life. It tells you how you wish to live, a guiding principle. If you have one, you have words to live by. 

Why is it good to have one?

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Is it essential to have a motto to live by? Of course. There are times when it is easy to forget what is best in life.

Often, you begin to concentrate on what sucks, and you fail to keep working towards your goals.

Not necessarily your routine goals such as reading two books per month or working out. 

We are talking about your primary goals, such as making sure you challenge yourself with something, working towards becoming the person you want you could be, and using your motivation to inspire others to reach for their goals. 

If you cannot improve the world around you, what’s the point of life then?

Motto to live by to stay on your goals
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However, one of the main reasons you need a motto to live by is it can help you turn your life around or remotivate you to define yourself, set goals, determine what is next in your life, and more. 

  • It keeps you focused on what you like to be. 
  • It functions as silent reminders to always stick to your guts and aim for the gold.
  • It acts as both a calming force and an inspiration. 

Five mottos as an example.

You have probably heard at least some of these motors before, but we like to highlight some of the best to help you get some inspiration in choosing your life’s mottos. 

Wake up with your Motto
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  1. Have courage and be kind. – You will need the courage to get out of your comfort zone and accomplish your dreams. However, no one wants a jerk. Always be kind, and you will find that life gets a lot nicer. 
  2. Go to bed with dreams and wake up with a new purpose. – Have a dream; make your plan. Get up and make it happen. 
  3. Family first. – You will live an unfulfilled life no matter what you do if you do not put your loved ones first before anything else. 
  4. Keep swinging. – Whatever you’re having a bad day or a great one, keep living your life the best, and you will eventually hit a home run. 
  5. It always seems impossible until it is done. – Make it a point to aim for the impossible.

Which of these mottos to live by is your favorite?

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