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What makes a Good Friend and Tips on how to be One.

What makes a Good Friend and Tips on how to be One.

What makes a good friend

Friendship is a significant value in our life. We often define “friends” as all those people with whom we have frequent relationships.

We exchange a chat or go out on Saturday nights and do not realize that most of them are superficial acquaintances. What makes a good friend is much more.

What makes a truly good friend?

What makes a good friend - understanding
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A good friend is the one with whom we can always and in any case, be ourselves, without veils, without fiction. Somebody who knows all our merits but also our defects and despite this does not ask us to change.

A person to whom we feel we can confide our thoughts, the most intimate secrets, without fear of being judged. This is the person to whom we can give all our trust, sure that he will never betray us.

You can ask for a hand without him demanding personal profit. Who stays close to you not for what you have, but for who you are. Who feels joy in being with you, even if he doesn’t necessarily share all your interests.

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Good friends are not our “clones, ” but they are completion of ourselves, with which we create a perfect harmony so even without the need for big speeches, the other already knows what you want to say and vice versa, indeed this person is the one with whom you can also be silent.

The most essential thing in a friendship is respect combined with sincerity, understanding, and mutual partnership. Friendship is a deep and confidential bond that unites two or more people.

This feeling has a fundamental value: it can be distributed among many individuals, with various nuances, without feeling devalued.

What are the qualities of a good friend?

What makes a good friend - loyalty
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The qualities are universal and allow you to understand whether friendship is true or not.

1) Loyalty.

This is necessary for any real genuine healthy relationship. Being loyal means avoiding gossip and paying attention to what is said. While others are caught envy or angry, a real friend doesn’t speak behind and defends you if there are negative comments.

2) Generosity.

This is one of the qualities that distinguish a true friend. This person would give you everything, and it’s a sign of those who have an open mind and heart.

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3) Understanding.

This is the one person who listens to you and tries to understand. Even if he disagrees, a friend will be close to you and support you in any case.

4) Honesty.

This person tells you the truth, even if it can hurt you. She won’t tell you lies, but she’ll tell you the truth.

For example, if a dress is not suitable, the real friend will tell you that it is better to try another one that will stand out your figure.

5) Appreciate the differences.

What makes a good friend - honesty
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This person accepts you as you are without trying to change you. It is an essential point because it allows you to have different opinions on various topics and shows that your friend cares about you as an individual, as a person.

6) Values discretion.

You can entrust this person with all your secrets, no matter what. And you are 100% sure that whatever you discuss with your friend will not be told ever to somebody else without your consent.

Be the friend you would like to have?

Just act as you would like a dear friend to do with you. Be open, be kind but honest, be present, and learn to share, listen, and give support no matter what. That’s what makes a good friend!

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