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What Is YouTube Music App and How Does It Work?

What Is YouTube Music App and How Does It Work?

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Everybody watches YouTube, but did you know they also have a Music App? YouTube is no doubt one of the most-viewed platforms in the world.

It’s also by far the most sought-after video platform. Therefore, it is no surprise that many millions of users use it every day also for a daily dose of music.

With YouTube Music, the video platform is ready to rule the streaming market with a music application built upon its video empire.

The YouTube Music app has a unique interface, a remarkable content library, and some twists to work out.

Is YouTube Music free?

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Although the app is free to download, YouTube Music is unfortunately not free to use. But you can use the free trial version to see if you like it. You can get free months, or there is a 2-week no-risk trial as well.

With the YouTube Music Premium membership, you can watch ad-free videos and download songs to listen offline in the background without video.

For most users, subscribing is going to offer the best experience. You can get rid of the ads and get offline listening with a premium subscription.
Family: $14.99
Standard: $9.99
Student: $4.99

Combining both YouTube Video and YouTube Music offers you even more possibilities and options and saves you a lot of money and all of that without ads.

How to use the YouTube Music App?

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The YouTube Music app is basic in layout and ease of use. The home screen is customized towards your choices of personal artist.

The app’s prominent unique feature is the tracks are gathered from the range of content accessible on YouTube. You will find plenty of offerings you can’t get anywhere else.

You will also find controls in the app that allow you to change the streaming quality through high, regular, and low.

These can be chosen for both Wi-Fi and mobile streaming. You can choose to play low-quality videos on mobile while HD on Wi-Fi.

You can also download songs for offline listening, either albums, playlists, or individual tracks. That will suggest you can listen without streaming, to save data, or when you are traveling.

What does the App include?

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YouTube puts a tremendous amount of attention on its discovery features, like other music streaming services. The Home Screen is always changing, no matter if you are using the web or the app player.

The YouTube Music App updates to offer suggestions based on your listening habits and can present music choices to fit what you may be doing.

The Home tab is a combination of everything. The Explore tab allows you to find new music such as new releases, dive into genres or moods.

The Library tab offers playlists and any imported music you brought over any music you have on your mobile device.

What is the difference between the YouTube app and the YouTube Music app?

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The answer to this is pretty straightforward. The YouTube app is mainly about the video content you can watch. The app concentrates on suggestions and subscriptions.

The more you watch, the more recommendations you will receive for related and relevant videos YouTube thinks you will love.

Meanwhile, the YouTube Music app is all about listening to music content. It is dedicated to music, with video playlists of songs, recommended tunes, and a music search tool.

All videos in the app are music or music-related. So, you don’t need to dig through irrelevant videos to get what you like.

Here you find the links to the YouTube Music App on Ios and Android.

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