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What is the Happiness Quotient, and how to improve yours?

What is the Happiness Quotient, and how to improve yours?

What is the Happiness Quotient

Have you heard of the Happiness Quotient or wondered what it is?

Well, happiness is a subjective thing. Every person has their definition of happiness.

Others could find joy in trivial things, while some whose happiness depends on their achievements. 

No matter what happiness may mean to you, it’s certainly what everybody strives for.

This post tries to answer the question, what is the Happiness Quotient, and provide tips on improving yours. 

What is the Happiness Quotient?

What is the Happiness Quotient, what can you tick off
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The happiness quotient (HQ) model makes it simpler for individuals to judge their happiness in different aspects.

Your HQ helps you learn where you are at with the five factors of your life. 

What is the Difference Between Them?

Keep in mind that a person’s happiness depends on different factors, including:

1. Professional growth.

Nowadays, career choice isn’t only based on earning money, but people are also opting for their passion and career. Choose the profession that will help you stay happy. 

2. Spiritual growth also influences your Happiness Quotient.

Develop spiritual well-being as part of your Happiness Quotient

Spirituality is the connection with your inner self. Most people think being spiritual and religious is the same, but it’s far from the truth. Being spiritual means being aware of your life purpose and connecting with your higher self. 

3. Mental health.

Mental health is known to be the least important by most. Considering the challenging times people live in, it’s essential to take good care of our mental well-being. 

4. Physical well-being.

Do some exercise
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Your physical health is proportional to your overall happiness. 

5. Emotional well-being.  

Your emotions control your reactions to circumstances or situations you find yourself in. 

Five Tips to Improve Your Happiness Quotient?

Now that you know the answer to the question, what is the happiness quotient, it’s time to understand how you can improve yours. 

1. Get enough Sleep.

Sleep is a fundamental need. Lack of sleep could impact your mood the following day. Thus, getting enough sleep helps you become happier.

Get enough Sleep to be Happy
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2. Exercise Mindfulness.

Mindful living is about living consciously with complete awareness.

It emerges through paying attention to purpose, observing the unfolding of experiences non-judgmentally, and being in the present moment. 

3. Laugh and smile often.

Other biological processes are tricking the brain into making you happy. Laughter yoga is the new trend. It’s a prudent move—a proactive one.

If it becomes your habit, feeling better can help accomplish the bigger goal. 

4. Spend time with Happy Folks.

Spend time with positive people
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People are massively influenced by their social networks. The closest to you impact your thinking decisions and self-esteem.

Remember that happiness is contagious. Ensure shinning happy folks surround you.

5. Money can buy Happiness.

Focusing on gaining experiences that create unforgettable memories makes people happier in the end.

The memories of the incidents are of value and the anticipation of the time leading to its fruition increases your happiness quotient. 

What is the Happiness Quotient and how can you improve yours
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There you have it! We hope this post answered your question on “what is the happiness quotient?”

Ensure you divide your time into the above activities, and you are sure to increase your happiness quotient! 

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