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What is Music Therapy and how can it help you to be Happy?

What is Music Therapy and how can it help you to be Happy?

Music Therapy to be Happier

Music Therapy is a wonderful way to get people into a good mood.

It is assumed that music has been utilized since the beginning of time to help humans handle challenging emotions and better connect.

Music is now being added to different rehabilitation programs. Like for example music therapy because of its immediate and substantial impact on people’s feelings.

And music has the ability to boost neurochemicals or the “feel good” endorphins. 

What is Music Therapy?

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Music therapy is the evidence and clinical-based use of music interventions to achieve personalized goals in a healing relationship by a qualified professional who has finished an approved music therapy program.

A certified music therapy employs music elements coupled with exclusively designed involvements to meet non-musical goals.

Such motivating and creative interferences can include:

  • improvisation 
  • movement listening
  • instrument play
  • singing 

Clients will build essential emotional, physical, cognitive, communication, and social skills through music that transfers into regular life.

Take note that music therapy is an evidence-based, goal-driven practice that involves assessment, documentation, and treatment planning. 

Where is it Used for? What Can You Heal?

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Music therapy works because of the way music stimulates the brain.

Further, music touches people emotionally. Nearly everybody enjoys it, which makes it the ideal approach. 

This therapy could benefit the following conditions and populations: kids, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

For example when they have learning- and developmental disabilities, health needs, Alzheimer’s disease, and other aging-related conditions.

Like acute and chronic pain, physical disabilities, brain injuries, substance abuse problems, and even mothers in labor. 

Music therapy is also used in many settings like:

  • private practice
  • prisons and detention centers
  • child care centers
  • community health programs
  • disability care facilities
  • palliative care facilities
  • residential aged care homes
  • schools
  • hospitals 

Tips on How to Heal with Music and Therapy.

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Whether it’s belting out the lyrics to a new album, softly drumming a beat on your desk, or singing in the shower, music is all around you and incorporated into your daily life.

Here are tips on how you can heal with music.

Music can fill your soul, dig deeper into your emotions, and improve the world around you. Let’s show you how you can use music to enhance your regular life. 

1. Create a routine.

Why don’t you make a morning playlist? Listening to all your favorite positive music right when you wake up could set you up for a beautiful day.

You may like some upbeat songs with energizing beats to wake you up in the morning. 

Are you working out? Play music with a high BPM. That will help reach your desired intensity.

At night, you can wind down by listening to gentle and soft bedtime music. 

2. Learn a new instrument.

It’s about time you play a new instrument! Try something new like bongos, Tibetan singing bowl, harmonica, or ukulele.

These instruments are suitable for beginners, and each has its distinct sound.

3. Bring people together.

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You will find a reason as to why many traditions and festivities include dancing and singing. That’s because making a beat brings people together.

Making music is a cheap way to have fun as it needs nothing except yourself. 

So, how do you use music therapy to enhance your overall wellbeing or a loved one’s wellbeing? 

Find here a beautiful playlist for Relax Music Therapy on Spotify.

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