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What is Mandala, and how can coloring help you to relax?

What is Mandala, and how can coloring help you to relax?

What is Mandala
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Have you heard of Mandala? But what is Mandala, by the way? The benefits of mandalas are countless.

They help focus attention and are an excellent exercise to soothe people’s stress and anxiety within modern life. 

What is Mandala?

Mandala in India

The word mandala is an old Indian word that means “center” or “circle.”

People from different cultures have been utilizing mandalas for healing for many years, symbolizing various things such as unity, healing, harmony, enlightenment, and consciousness. 

In Eastern cultures, it’s considered that every color in a mandala is connected with a chakra.

Such energy centers are associated with the being, with the environment, and support wellness. 

Difference Between Zantangle, Doodle, Mandala

Difference between a zantangle, doodle and mandala
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You may be wondering, is Mandala the same as Doodle and Zantagle? 

  • Zantangles are small pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art made through a particular method from an ensemble of structured patterns referred to as tangles. 
  • On the other hand, Doodle art is a drawing that you do while you’re not focusing. It’s often weird to see what you have made without thinking.
  • Finally, Mandala is a ritual and spiritual symbol in Indian religions that represent the universe.

    Mandalas have become a common term for any geometric pattern, diagram, or chart that symbolizes the cosmos. 

How Can Mandala`s help you relax and be Happy? 

How an coloring help you relax
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Now that you understand Mandala’s meaning, it’s time to learn how it can help lower your stress and anxiety. 

According to a study, coloring the symmetrical form of mandalas helps draw the mind into a state similar to meditation by soothing inner chaos and arranging distracting thoughts.

The authors also tested their theory on eighty-four undergrad students with stress and anxiety.

At the end of the study, they determined that coloring a mandala for twenty minutes was more efficient than a free form of coloring for twenty minutes.

Beautiful mandala pattern
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What’s more, researchers also demonstrated that students who colored on a blank page of paper demonstrated no reduction in anxiety.

In contrast, students who colored in mandalas lowered their anxiety levels to below those before coloring. 

Benefits of Adult Coloring.

Adult Coloring

There’s no doubt that coloring a mandala can be a good relaxation exercise to rest your mind and senses through their forms and original figures. 

You can also find Mandala with different twists for which the option of colors not just obliges you to focus more but also to play with the feelings arising from those shades.

You choose to manage to understand your emotions better through colors.

To color a mandala, you need to consume half an hour or a couple of days. However, it’s time dedicated to yourself.

Various medium to use for mandala`s
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Basically, coloring a mandala helps to fight stress—an excellent device to relax your mind and get back to yourself for a moment. 

You now understood what Mandala is. As you can see, there are many benefits of coloring mandalas for adults; in particular, the therapeutic benefits are well documented.

There are no rules when we talk about using coloring therapy with coloring books.

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So, experiment yourself, and have so much fun. We have here an excellent offer for beginners:
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