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What is a Spirit Animal, and what do they teach us?

What is a Spirit Animal, and what do they teach us?

What is your spirit animal

Have things like what is a spirit animal ever crossed your mind? Or do you want to know about the different ones?

In particular spiritual systems and cultures, there is a belief that humans can travel along with spirit guides, including animals. It is up to you whether or not you believe in spirit animals’ power.

However, there is no harm in believing in them, especially if they can help you overcome challenges throughout your spiritual walk.

What is a Spirit Animal?

What is your spirit animal, maybe a horse
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Spirit animals are characterized as messengers or teachers in the form of animals. They have a personal relationship with people.

They serve as divine pilots on someone’s journey to life. Each individual has one of their own, defined by their zodiac sign or birth date.

What is the Purpose of and Meaning of Spirit Animals?

People look up spirit animals for different reasons, including wisdom, power, protection, or guidance. 

Spirit animals have one vision: to help people achieve their spiritual goals, irrespective of their kind.

When you are goal-oriented or determined to your destined purpose, they appear (not physically) and guide you until the end. 

How Many Are There?

There are thousands of spirit animals, and each of them comes with a set of qualities. They range from wild animals, reptiles to even insects.

According to the spiritual world, you are not the one who will choose spirit animals because the animal will choose you. 

What are the Most Common Ones and Their Meaning?

Now that you are familiar with what is and their purposes, here is a list of the most common ones and what they symbolize:

1. Butterfly. 

When you notice many butterflies coming in your dreams or life, it pertains to profound change and transformation. They also carry the message of floating above and being light on earthly matters.

2. Crow as Spirit Animal.

the crow
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When a crow enters your life, it will bring many mysteries and magic. It is known for its trickster personality, flexibility, and higher perspective. It encourages you to connect to your life and its magic.


Horses are loved by people all over the world. They have been key figures in folklore and mythology as well in people`s personal lives.

They symbolize travel, spirit, determination, endurance, freedom, and beauty.

4. Owl as Spirit Animal.

the owl as spirit animal

If own crosses path with you, it will help you see beyond illusions created by your mind. As a spirit guide, it represents intuitive knowledge, deep connection, and wisdom.

5. Hawk.

The Hawk
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A hawk can see things from a higher perspective. It will help you see or recognize the truth in every situation.

It symbolizes truth, courage, perspective, and self-awareness, and it represents inner wisdom and intuition.

6. Eagle. 

The eagle as spirit animal
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An eagle represents healing, spirit, and light. This spirit animal tells you that it’s time to reconnect to your spiritual journey. It also carries gifts and knowledge of magic from above.

Which one caught your attention? Keep yourself aware of your surroundings and any spirit animal crossing your path.

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