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What is a Chakra, and how can it make you happier?

What is a Chakra, and how can it make you happier?

What is a Chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit term that means cycle or wheel. In the context of spiritual disciplines like yoga, the chakras are known to be wheel-like energy centers, which aren’t physically visible but belong to the spiritual body and link it to the material one. 

Revealed in old Vedic texts, present in esoteric Buddhism and yoga, chakra-based energy favors different integrative New Age disciplines.

The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas.

Maslow pyramid Chakra
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Charkas are also linked with childhood developmental theories, Maslow’s hierarchy, color therapy, and many more. 

What can you learn from it?

Keep in mind that every Chakra offers you a life lesson. The lessons lead from the effect such energetic centers have on your life. Here’s the definition of each one:

Chakra Points in the body
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1. Root Chakra – basic safety, grounding.

This one teaches you how to connect with the planet and the things you can do to maximize its abundance. It also helps you understand how to take care of your basic needs, from water and food to shelter and financial security. 

2. Sacral Chakra – creation. 

This is all about exploring motivation and factors determining your options. Be familiar with your “whys” and all that makes you get up and work on your life. Sacral Chakra also involves creating and sharing your work. 

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – the authority.

This involves self-awareness and your capability to decide based on your values. It teaches you coherence and living based on what you value the most. 

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4. Heart Chakra – love.

Love is the principle of this one. Therefore, you learn how to make positive relationships on closeness and love. 

5. Throat Chakra – communication.

This is responsible for communication. You learn how to share your views, communicate assertively but also compassionately and lovingly. 

6. Third Eye Chakra – intuition, clairvoyance.

Learn how to listen carefully to your intuition, follow your guts rather than depending on your mind. 

7. Crown Chakra – connection with God. 

This is all about spirituality and breaking negative patterns. 

Tips to improve your Chakra.

Chakra and what it is
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Would you like to balance your chakras today? Here are our five tips for you. 

1. Breathe deeply.

Breathing with intention is the simplest and most efficient way to preserve your chakras. First, direct the energy of your breath to your Chakra every time you inhale. Then, exhale and let awareness settle into your Chakra.

2. Exercise gratitude.

You open your chakras when you raise your vibration, and you begin attracting more positive things in your life, such as happiness, abundance, and improved relationships. 

3. Spend time in nature.

Spend time in nature
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Walking barefoot or sitting in the grass is an excellent way to feel more connected and absorb nature’s healing power. That will also help you keep grounded and bring peace into your life.

4. Wear the right color.

Keep in mind that every Chakra produces a different color, and every color symbolizes a particular vibration. So, for example, you can wear green or light a pink candle if you are balancing your heart chakra. 

5. Exercise creative visualization.

Clear your mind from the negative charter. Then, try visualizing images that symbolize love or happiness after your mind is clear. 

We hope you have the answer to the question, “what is charka.” So, are you ready to balance your chakras today? 

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