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What does Felicity mean? The Origin and History of this name.

What does Felicity mean? The Origin and History of this name.

What does Felicity mean as name

What does Felicity mean? Are you one of the people wondering what this word means, its history, and where it comes from?

There’s no need for you to worry because this post is here to answer all your questions.

If you’re ready, then let’s dive in! 

What does Felicity mean? 

Latin words
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In case you didn’t know yet, the language of origin of Felicity is Latin and is widely used in English.

The meaning of this word is “happiness,” “good fortune,” and “good luck.” It comes from the word Felicitas that means fortune and fertility.

What is the history? Where does it come from?

Roman empire
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The first name of Felicity is from the common English word derived through ancient French from Felicitas, which is Latin, and the element Felicitas, which means fortune and fertility.

In Roman mythology, Felicitas was considered the personification of the goddess of success and good luck.

It was a famous Roman name known for different saints, most notably a third-century slave martyred with her mistress Perpetua. 

The name Felicity was used first by English Puritans in the seventeenth century, among other virtue names.

Succes and good luck
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What’s more, it noticed a rebirth in the late twentieth century, increased by the popularity of the American primetime TV drama “Felicity” from 1998 to 2002. 

The show first aired in 1998 and starred Keri Russel as a college student.

Many future parents during that time liked the name enough, and Felicity gained traction for the first time the show debuted.

The use of the name might have been affected by American Doll Felicity Merriman—an independent young girl living in the colonial US before and during the revolutionary war. 

What does Felicity mean?

What does Felicity mean
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Keep in mind that the name Felicity is a girl’s name that means “good fortune” and “happy.”

The name itself is a virtual name as hope and Faith, but more feminine and happier.

The hit TV shoe did many things to modernize and soften the once closed-up image of Felicity. It then received more notice as the red-hairy colonial dolly, Felicity Merriman, in the TV series. 

Some of the characteristics of the name Felicity includes:

  1. Achiever 
  2. Problem-solver
  3. Wealthy
  4. Tenacious
  5. Tough 
  6. Powerful
  7. Authoritative 
etymology of the name felicity
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Even though Felicity has an old etymology, it still feels a bit modern. The name is friendly, upbeat, and energetic, but without sounding very cutesy on a mature woman.

In a nutshell, the word Felicity is a happy name but without those rainbows and unicorns. 

On top of that, it got that lovely four-syllable sound. Fliss and Lissy are good potential names for pets.

That one is not at risk of becoming overused any time soon. Hence, it might be one to consider, especially if you like an original yet traditional option. 

What are the names in other countries?

Here are the names of Felicity in other nations:

  • Chinese characters: 费利西蒂
  • Arabic writing: فليسيتي
  • Korean characters: 지복

There you have it! You now finally learned what does Felicity means. We hope you find this guide informative and educational at the same time. 

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