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What are the Benefits of Tai Chi and the difference with yoga?

What are the Benefits of Tai Chi and the difference with yoga?

What are the Benefits of Tai Chi

Have you ever noticed a Tai Chi class? The participants often look like they are moving in slow motion. However, are they getting fit by not moving so fast? 

Would you like to know what the benefits of Tai Chi are? This article will answer your questions. 

What is Tai Chi?

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Tai Chi is an old Chinese tradition, which involves a set of movements done in slow motion and a focused way while keeping a deep breath.

This is commonly practiced as a graceful form of exercise in most China regions, which is non-competitive but rather a self-paced system of physical activity. 

You will find numerous Tai Chi styles, where every kind has unique variations intended at emphasizing the different Tai Chi methods and principles.

Tai Chi guarantees all sorts of concentration on health maintenance compared to other types of physical exercise. 

Where does it come from?

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Tai Chi is one of the most sought-after martial arts of the internal systems from ancient China. Cheng Wangting made the Chen Style Tai Chi around 1970 based on Qigong and martial art methods from many years ago. 

It is categorized by complementary and contrasting movements-slow and soft versus hard and fast. It involves low stances and explosive powers.

The Chen Style is more complicated and physically arduous, unlike the Sun style. Hence, it’s the ideal style for people with arthritis. 

How is it different from Yoga?

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Tai Chi and Yoga are regular exercising practices utilized by people. Both are beneficial types of relaxation and meditation, but they are entirely different.

Tai Chi originates from China, while Yoga originates from India. 

Yoga is a type of meditation and exercise known for disciplining spiritual, mental, and physical forms. Different traditions of Yoga are seen in Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

It seeks to balance and soothe the body and enhance an individual’s flexibility and build up strength. 

What are the benefits of Tai Chi, both physical and mental?


Here are some of the benefits one will get from practicing Tai Chi: 

  • Lowers fall risk. Falls could be risky and even deadly, particularly in older people. One analysis discovered that folks who exercised Tai Chi had up to fifty percent fewer falls than people who did not. 
  • Lessen depression. A study discovered that Tai Chi helped enhance the symptoms of depression. The participants had fewer symptoms and even remission in some cases.
  • Boost thinking power. Another research discovered that people who exercised Tai Chi for twelve weeks had a better ability to switch between tasks than people do not exercise it. Further, they had much activity in the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s region accountable for high-level thinking skills. 
  • Get relief from fibromyalgia. Randomized research compared the impacts of aerobic exercise and Tai Chi on individuals who have fibromyalgia. Those who practiced it had more relief from the illness’s symptoms. 

We hope your question, “what are the benefits of Tai Chi’ have been answered with this article. Are you ready to receive the benefits of this exercise? 

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