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What Are the 12 Birthstones and Their Meaning?

What Are the 12 Birthstones and Their Meaning?

What are the 12 birthstones

Are you wondering what the 12 birthstones are and which birthstone symbolizes your birth month?

Birthstones are a fascinating aspect of the gem and jewelry world and are originate from early beliefs regarding one’s time of birth and its correlation to the planets.

Various colors of stones
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The birthstone in modern times has developed to wearing a stone as protection against illness and misfortune.

These birthstones are linked with every month of the year, and each has a unique meaning and worth.

Birthstone colors include the glittery red garnet of January and the cool blue topaz of December. 

This article will bring you closer to the different birthstones by month. 

1. January – Garnet.

Garnet - Birthstone month of January
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The term garnet was derived from the Latin word, garnets which means seed-like. That’s because this gemstone is normally associated with pomegranate seeds.

Garnet is considered to support strong relationships and help a person harness their inner strength. 

2. February – Birthstone Amethyst.

This gemstone is very popular as the Jewel of the Gods. Amethyst was often worn by royalty in the Middle Ages as purple is connected with a regal status.

The stone is assumed to support stability, courage, and positivity. 

Amethyst Birthstone
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3. March – Bloodstone & Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is the main birthstone for March, sought for its soothing blue-green color. In addition, it’s known to improve communication and support clarity.

Meanwhile, Bloodstone is the secondary birthstone for March. Its dark green color is linked with improving strength and energy. 

4. April – Diamond.

Diamond is popular as one of the toughest materials on the planet. The stone signifies courage and strength and also a sign of everlasting love. 

5. May – Birthstone Emerald.

Green Emerald

The term emerald originated from the Greek term smaragdus. It means green stone. Did you know Cleopatra was sought for embellishing herself in this stone?

Emerald is a symbol of abundance and love.

6. June – Moonstone, Alexandrite, Pearl.

The primary birthstone for June is Pearl, representing imagination and purity, even though its symbolism can change based on the gem’s color.

Moonstone and alexandrite are secondary birthstones of this month. 

7. July – Birthstone Ruby.

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In case you didn’t know yet, rubies were found more than 2,000 years ago. They are considered the King of Gemstones and are appreciated for their bright red color.

Ruby symbolizes love, energy, and passion, not to mention they have protective qualities. 

8. August – Spinel & Peridot.

For August, peridot is the primary birthstone, sought for its unique bight green color and known for bringing good luck and wealth. Spinel is the secondary birthstone.

9. September – Birthstone Sapphire. 

Blue Sapphire
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One of the 12 Birthstones is the Sapphire. These gemstones are popular for their vibrant blue color. Sapphires symbolize wisdom and royalty. 

10. October – Opal & Tourmaline.

Tourmaline comes in a wide array of colors, but pink tourmalines are linked with the October birthstone. It signifies love and humanitarianism.

Opal is the secondary birthstone for October and symbolizes confidence and faithfulness. 

11. November – Birthstone Topaz & Citrine.

Cirtrine Birthstone
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Citrine is sought for its yellow color and is called after the citron fruit. Topaz is the secondary birthstone for the month and comes in different colors, such as yellow.

Due to its color, yellow topaz is often jumbled with citrine. 

12. December – Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite.

All birthstones of December are a shade of blue that is fitted for the cold winter month. Tanzanite is very rare and can only be found in Tanzania. It’s known to have calming properties.

There you have it! Now you have the answer to the question, what the 12 birthstones are, and their meaning.

We hope you find this post educational and helpful. 

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