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The Most Beautiful Lighthouses from all over the world.

The Most Beautiful Lighthouses from all over the world.

Beautiful Lighthouse in Bodie Island USA

Are you somebody who loves the magic of lighthouses? They have the most stunning views of the ocean and are sometimes even situated on remote islands.

Well, we have gathered them for you, here are our 10 favorites:

1) Enoshima Sea Candle – Japan.

Enoshima Sea Candle Japan

The lighthouse on the tidal Enoshima Island ( in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan is actually an observation lighthouse since 2003.

The tower has two observation decks, the primary indoor deck, and a secondary outdoor deck. Which can be accessed via a lift or spiral staircase.

Find more information here: Enoshima Sea Candle.

2) Green Point – South Africa

Green Point Lighthouse, Cape Town - South Africa
@ Maslowski Marcin/

The Green Point Lighthouse is situated in Cape Town, and it is the oldest lighthouse in South Africa that is still operational. The first time it was lit was on 12 April 1824.

The Green Point is open to visitors for a fee. You can climb the tower and discover the rich heritage of these important navigation aids.

3) Cape Spartel – Marocco

Cape Spartel - Marocco
@Pavel Szabo /

The Cape Spartel Lighthouse is situated about 12 km West of Tangier. It is a traditional, Arabic-style lighthouse that sits 300 meters above the Atlantic at this famous cape.

Nearby you can find the Caves of Hercules, a popular tourist attraction and archaeological complex.

4) Mykines – The Faroe Islands

Mykines Lighthouse The Faroes islands
@Smelov /

Who loves exquisite views and jaw-dropping nature should visit the Mykines Lighthouse in the Faroe Islands. It is beautiful for hiking as well. This secluded island is a favorite among nature and bird lovers.

It was built in 1909, originally as an aid to help ships navigate the waters. But it also became a weather station for measuring temperatures and wind speeds.

Find here more information: The Faroe Islands – Mykines.

5) Cape Brett – New Zealand

Cape Brett Lighthouse New Zealand
@ Jiri Willmann /

You can find the lighthouse at Cape Brett (Rakaumangamanga) in the Northland Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the stunning coast.

The 14-meter lighthouse was build in 1906 and has guided ever since the ships to safer waters.

Find here more information: Cape Brett/ Rakaumangamanga

6) Texel – The Netherlands

Texel - The Netherlands
@ wim helsen /

On the island of Texel in the North of the Netherlands, you can find the bright red Lighthouse with a height of 47 meters, nearby the broad sandy beach and some former workers’ homes.

This stunning Lighthouse was built in 1864 to help ships cross the ocean safely. Find here more information or buy tickets: Vuurtoren Texel

7) Lindesnes – Norway

Lindesnes Lighthouse Norway
@Oleg Kozlov /

This splendid Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in Norway and probably also in Europe, as its first light was lit in 1656.

It is still operational, and it also houses a museum as it is protected as cultural memory. Find here more information or buy tickets: Lindesnes Norway.

8) Jeddah Light – Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Light - Saudi Arabia

With its unusual shape, the Jeddah Light is an active lighthouse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With a height of about 133 meters, it is the world’s tallest lighthouse.

Located at the end of the outer pier on the north side of Jeddah Seaport’s entrance, the Jeddah lighthouse acts as a control room for the city’s port and harbor.

Because tourists are not permitted to enter the seaport, you can get a picturesque view of the lighthouse from the nearby tourist spot, the Central Fish Market. It is particularly stunning at night.

Here is the official Website of Saudi Arabia.

9) Belitung – Indonesia

Lighthouse Lengkuas Island Indonesia
@ PLOO Galary /

Especially the extraordinarily beautiful scenery that makes this lighthouse one of the most memorable ones. It is situated on the island of Lengkuas (Belitung) as one of Indonesia’s outer islands and was built in 1882 by the Dutch Colony and it is still active to date.

It is open to the public and you can see from the top floor an amazing view of the surrounding emerald sea.

10)Bodie Island – USA

Beautiful Lighthouse in Bodie Island USA
@ThePhotoFab /

This beautiful lighthouse was built in 1871. You can visit the 47.5 meters (or 156 f.) building during seasonal openings. This lighthouse is distinctive for its black and white horizontal stripes and is one of a few brick tower lighthouses that remain operational in the United States.

Find out more here: Bodie Island Lighthouse.

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