Symbols of Happiness and What They Mean.

Symbols of Happiness Sunflower

What are the symbols of happiness? What makes people happy? To what do they look around at that helps them feel better about themselves and their lives?

Happiness symbolism plays a big part in human communication as people continuously search for deeper meaning and happiness in life.

Whether it is in the newest visual content, stars, or drawn on a cave wall, people add such meaning to their communication through the use and interpretation of signs.

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As humans search for meaning in everything around them, anything could become a symbol as long as they interpret it to mean something other than its physical definition.

However, some symbols of happiness have become so ingrained with the cultural sphere that they bring a nearly universal meaning.

Here are our Top 5 symbols of happiness and their meaning.

1. Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley Symbol of Happiness
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Through the centuries, the lily of the valley has developed a lot of meanings.

Its fragrant white flowers are often linked with traditional feminine values like sweetness, innocence, purity, and motherhood.

However, in the Victorian eras, this flower meant a “return to happiness.” In fact, the flower is a favorite of royals, which include Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria, and Kate Middleton.

2. Bluebird.

Bluebird as symbol of Happiness
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Did you know that a bluebird is a universal symbol of happiness? It’s considered a representation of happiness in many different cultures, which includes Russia.

It symbolized hope in Russia and is considered a messenger of enlightenment and knowledge in China’s Shang Dynasty.

According to some folklore, many Native Americans hung dry grounds to attract bluebirds to nest near to their settlements so they can cherish their soothing and mystical songs of hope and happiness.

It’s believed that just looking upon one of the small flying cobalt creatures of satisfaction is said to bring happiness.

3. Sunflower.

Sunflowers adoring the sun
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A sunflower has many different meanings associated with it. Various cultures believe it means anything from admiration and loyalty to strength and positivity.

In Chinese culture, these flowers are known to represent lasting happiness and good luck. That’s why it’s often gifted at graduations and the start of a new business.

4. Dragonfly.

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In Native Americans, dragonfly symbolism is connected with transformation and change. It carries with it the wisdom of adaptability and transformation.

It’s a reminder for a person to shed more happiness and light in their life, telling them not to remain in the shadows or the dark.

We normally notice dragonflies close to water bodies. Water signifies emotions and the soul’s unconscious part.

Therefore, seeing dragonflies could indicate that you should explore your emotions, feelings, and inner self, even in a light and joyful manner.

5. Smile.

Smile - Symbol of Happiness
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There’s no doubt that a smile is a universal symbol of happiness. A smile is among the most typical signs of pleasure, joy, and happiness in human culture.

In fact, smiling brings a positive and powerful psychological effect, with others seeing you as more likable and less threatening.

There you have it! We hope you now realize the different symbols of happiness and their meanings.

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