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Nice cities in the Netherlands to check out besides Amsterdam.

Nice cities in the Netherlands to check out besides Amsterdam.

Gravestenenbrug in Haarlem

Do you know other cities in The Netherlands besides legendary Amsterdam? Amsterdam is very beautiful but there are many other cities in The Netherlands which are worth a visit.

The Netherlands is an attractive country famous for its tulip gardens, scenic beauty, Edammer cheese, Dutch Architecture, and old windmills. The country provides a plethora of opportunities for travelers to discover its historical and natural beauty.

Apart from Amsterdam, check out below our top pick of the best cities in the Netherlands that you should visit.

1. Utrecht.

Cities in the Netherlands _ Utrecht
The Dom Tower in Utrecht.
@Olena Z /

This city is undoubtedly one of the best places worth visiting in the Netherlands. It is in the hearts of the country. You will find plenty of excellent places to go around the city.
There are many adorable shops and a huge shopping mall, next to a huge range of various restaurants and diners. You can even take a cruise on the canals (in Dutch called `Grachten`) or relax at the many beautiful terraces for a drink.

Visit the city castle Oudaen with its own brewery and taste their beer specialties. Or climb the 465 steps of the Dom Toren (Dom Tower) and have a spectacular view of the city. It has Amsterdam’s charm, but it is on a much smaller scale and is far less crowded. Stroll in the old city and let the wonderful atmosphere seduce you.

Here is the official Tourism Website:

2. Haarlem.

Windmill in the Dutch City Haarlem

Windmill de Adriaan in Haarlem.

Another one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands. Discover for yourself why this charming, medieval city in the province of North Holland is so loved by locals!

It offers a lively cultural scene, loads of atmosphere, divine shopping and dining – and it is only 15 minutes by car from the beach and its excellent beach clubs!

This city is filled with gems packed into a comparatively small town. Did you know that Haarlem is only 30 minutes from Amsterdam, so it is a lovely get-away for the day? You will find different places to keep your travel buddy satisfied.

Haarlem is considered one of those historical postcard-worthy Dutch towns. Visit the Amsterdamse Poort (Amsterdam Gate) or the Grote Markt (Big Market), or the St. Bavo Cathedral. Exploring Haarlem is like stepping into a Golden Age painting.

Here is the official Tourism Website: Visit

3. Giethoorn.

Cities in the Netherlands _ Giethoorn
Tourist in canal boats in Giethoorn.
@fokke baarssen /

This old farm town is called the Venice of the North. You can visualize a small village without streets but canals instead. You’ll also see lots of colorful flowers and greens, attractive houses, farms with thatched roofs, and the willows hanging above the curved bridges.

Rent a Fluisterboot (Electrical Whisperboat) and enjoy the view from its canals by yourself. Or rent a bike and tour the town and beautiful countryside.

The city has less than 3.000 inhabitants, so one of the smaller cities in the Netherlands. But more and more tourists have found their way to Giethoorn in the past years. Still, this small town is merely fantastic and too beautiful not to see it.

This is the official Tourism Website:

4. s`Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch).

Dutch City Den Bosch in The Netherlands
The late Gothic St. Johns Cathedral in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
@R. de Bruijn_Photography /

s`Hertogenbosch is a city in the Netherlands that is known for its excellent and joie-de-vivre lifestyle. Den Bosch, as to how the Dutch nickname this city, is well-known for its warm hospitality (gezelligheid) and joyous party spirit.

Enjoy the good life at one of the terraces like on Minderbroedersplein (Minderbroeder Square) in the middle of the cultural-historic city center. Have a cup of coffee together with a Bosche Bol. This is a famous pastry with whipped cream covered with chocolate.

Climb the stunning St. John’s Cathedral or take a boat tour for a unique and up-close experience of this wonderful city. One of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

Make sure you also take a beer on De Parade. Are you a fan of medieval paintings? Then you can visit the Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre, where you can see all works of the famous Medieval painter, Hieronymus Bosch.

Here is the official Tourism Website:

5. Delft.

Cities in the Netherlands - Delft
Aerial view of Markt square dominated by Townhall of Delft.
@trabantos /

And last but not least of all the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands: Delft or Ceramics City, because of its famous blue pottery. Also called in Dutch: Delft`s Blauw (Blue of the city of Delft).

This city appreciates a worldwide status because of its connection with the Royal House of Orange, Delfts Blue pottery, and Johannes Vermeer, the legendary Dutch painter. This place is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

Famous blue pottery from Delft
Famous Blue Pottery from Delft.
@Sandra van der Steen/

If you like to see more of the famous blue pottery, walk this nice route in the city: Delft Ceramics Route. Follow the blue and white ceramic pavement cobblestones and stroll past ceramic artworks.

It’s a breathtaking experience when you walk beside courtyards, villas, Dutch houses, and waterways. This attractive city also has pubs, shops, galleries, and canal trips.

Strolling through the lovely roads and lanes of Delft allows you to meet different restaurants and eateries.

Here is the official Tourism Website:

So, which of these cities in the Netherlands do you want to visit soon?
Find here the official Dutch Tourism Website:

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