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National Hugging Day – 21st of January.

National Hugging Day – 21st of January.

National Hugging Day

When is National Hugging Day, and why is it celebrated? Would you like to know more about this great holiday? Read further to find everything you need to know about this day. 

When is it?

Hugging is one of the expressions of love— an instinct within humans. The expression of a hug to seek comfort and love is already noticeable in babies who are less than a year old.

As adults, we are surrounded by incredible friends and families. Getting a hug from these people serves as an exchange for many emotions among the family members and friends.

There’s a day committed to celebrating this great expression of care and love. It is called National Hugging Day and it is celebrated every 21st of January every year. 

What is it exactly?

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The National Hugging Day is a day for people to show their emotions in public.

This unofficial holiday is officially recognized by the Copyright office in America. Nonetheless, it’s not celebrated as an official public holiday.

The perfect way for you to celebrate this holiday is by sharing and giving out hugs to everybody who needs you.

For instance, you can give hugs to your friends, family members, or even strangers on this special day. 

Remember that hugs are considered a physical and mental healing effect that will make you feel immensely better. 

Why is it celebrated?

Celebrating National Hugging Day

The National Hugging Day was created in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney. He created this day and sought to add it in a publication where a relative of his friend worked.

Kevin claims that the 21st of January to be the National Hugging Day as it was a time when people were least happy and felt joy. 

You see, the date falls in between holidays when people usually come together, such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s.

To cheer up others during this time, Kevin created a day when people would receive and give hugs to lower their depression. 

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Further, he noted that people normally shy away from showing their emotions in public. That day made the ideal avenue for people to do that.

Since then, even though National Hugging Day isn’t considered a public holiday, it has accomplished the purpose for which it was made. 

Why is it important?

Hugging releases oxytocin—an essential hormone that impacts social well-being and growth.

If you hug someone, the level of that hormone in your body will increase, which could help lower stressful or depressive feelings.

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On top of that, hugs can lower feelings of fear and increase self-esteem levels. That effect can be accomplished by hugging others and personal objects like a teddy bear. 

How many countries support this?

National Hugging Day has become a more International Hugging Day as many different countries around the world celebrate it. 

National Hugging Day is celebrated to help others show their emotions in public. It’s considered that human emotions shouldn’t be hidden and felt alone.

Hugging day shows that your feelings can be shared along with trusted people around you.

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