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Most Beautiful Airports in the world for curious Travelers!

Most Beautiful Airports in the world for curious Travelers!

Beijing Daxing International Airport, Exterior, China

When we talk about the quality of international travel experience, the airport’s excellence is a huge factor. Among the thousands in the world, a few deserved to be deemed the most beautiful. Well, we have gathered them for you, here are our 10 favorites :

  1. Beijing Capital International, China
  2. Dubai International, UAE
  3. Heydar Aliyev International, Azerbaijan
  4. Changi, Singapore
  5. Denver International, US
  6. Marrakech Menara, Marocco
  7. Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand
  8. Beijing Daxing International, China
  9. Mactan Cebu International, Philippines
  10. Incheon International, South Korea

They can amaze us not just with their amazing architecture, but with their comfort as well. Check out these ones that will make your jaw drop.

1. Beijing Capital International, China.

Beijing Capital International Airport, Exterior, China
Beijing Capital International, Interior, China

The major airport in Beijing might look modern on the surface. However, it gets its design hints from traditional Chinese beliefs. For instance, one of the terminals is motivated by Chinese dragons. You will also find a hedge based on the Old Summer Palace area in the Imperial Gardens. The airport is known as “China Gateway”, the #1 international airport in China. It is China’s largest and busiest global aviation hub, with the most advanced facilities in the world. E.g. facial recognition technology is used all over the airport. From boarding the airport express at the station to the security area at China customs.

2. Dubai International, UAE.

Dubai International Airport, Exterior, UAE
©Fedor Selivanov/
Dubai International Interior, UAE

This airport is one of the biggest and beautiful ones in the world, boasting the futuristic opulence that the country is sought for. What’s more, they have Snooze Cubes in their terminals. These are like small hotel rooms you can book by the hour to relax and sleep.

3. Heydar Aliyev International, Azerbaijan.

Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Exterior, Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev International, Interior, Azerbaijan

The major airport in the capital of Azerbaijan is host to giant cup-like structures with oak coats. The mix of natural, cozy texture, and modern enormous windows, semi-transparent ceiling, and geometric tiles make for a soothing vibe you will not see anywhere else.

Look at this amazing video:

©AZAL Ayerbedjan Airlines –

4. Changi, Singapore.

Changi Airport, Exterior, Singapore
Changi ,Interior, Singapore

Do you imagine an airport with gardens inside? This airport brings the outdoor vibe in with full gardens. Changi feels more like a greenhouse than an airport, establishing the best sight for your travel in the country.

You can see it here for yourself:


5. Denver International, US.

Denver International Airport, Exterior, US
©Arina P Habich/
Denver International,Interior, US

This airport is so unique that it is filled with many conspiracy theories that involve secret nazi groups to aliens. The air dome boast terminals contained under plunging white tens, big blue horse statue, and lively murals.

6. Marrakech Menara, Marocco.

Marrakech Menara Airport, Exterior, Marocco
Marrakech Menara, Interior, Marocco

Marrakech Menara is one of the most beautiful airports in Morocco. Its architecture melds ancient Moroccan motifs along with modern design. Also, the roof and walls filter the natural light into pleasant patterns.

Look inside:


7. Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok, Thailand.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok,Exterior, Thailand
©Photo APS/
Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok,Interior, Thailand

In this airport, the goal of achieving a connection between the local culture and a highly modern and technical structure has been achieved.

The shaded gardens outside the terminal represent the Thai landscape while on the glass surfaces and floors, the traditional patterns and colors are used. Together they form this beautiful building which is like a piece of art.

8. Beijing Daxing International, China.

Beijing Daxing International Airport, Exterior, China
©lazy dragon/
Beijing Daxing International, Interior, China
©Markus Mainka/

Beijing Daxing International in China is one of the biggest airports in the world. The four-floor building is arranged around the airport`s check-in island with a glass roof. This central courtyard has five piers coming directly out of this area, which gives the building the appearance of a starfish from above.

See also this beautiful video from Zaha Hadid Architects, who have done many astounding projects.

9. Mactan Cebu International, Philippines.

Mactan Cebu International airport, Exterior, Philippines
©Avigator Fortuner/
Mactan Cebu International, Interior, Philippines
©Avigator Fortune/

This airport is simple and still very elegant. It uses many local, traditional materials and blends beautifully into the overall design.

The striking wooden roof is the aesthetically figure-head of the airport. The structure is composed of several arches that form the roof shape and define its geometry and modularity.

10. Incheon International, South Korea.

Incheon International Airport, Exterior, South Korea
Incheon International, Interior, South Korea

The big inspiration for the building came from four historic gates in Seoul. This airport is an attractive gateway for South Korea to reach the world. The locally inspired design, with gardens with native plants and beautiful architecture, makes Incheon International one of the world’s most appealing airports.

Are you getting excited to see one of these beautiful airports yourself?

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