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How to Live in the now and Be Happier!

How to Live in the now and Be Happier!

Life in the Now

To be happier with yourself and your life, you should learn to stop focusing on the past and the future what might happen and live in the now. But how to do this? Read this article to know it all!

The true meaning of living in the now.

“Living in the now” means being with your mind in the present, appreciating the little things. Learning to do so will give you a powerful tool to overcome any challenge or obstacle in life.

Quote: Enjoy the little things - Salmon
Quote: Enjoy the little Things in Life – The Hygg

Don’t think about the past; don’t think about the future. Think about the present moment. What do you have? What makes your life beautiful?

You should start seeing the glass half full and appreciate what you have right now instead of worrying about the past you cannot change and something that might and might not happen in the future.

Why is it important to live in the now?

The best things in life are the ones we cannot touch, which we cannot buy. The best things in life are those we cannot see but the things we can feel. The feeling of meeting someone special, a relationship with true friends, the sun on your skin, a nice dinner.

Materialistic things don`t make you happy, but the experience of these things living them in the present moment, appreciating them, loving them, feeling them.

That’s the best thing you can do to live your life in the present moment keeping in mind that the only reality we can really intervene in the present. It’s where life happens.

That’s what happens just as you’re reading these lines. We can only enjoy the present, the small moments from which life is composed.

The Best tips to live in the now.

As Eckart Tolle says in his masterpiece The power of now, every day in our daily lives, we can experience the power of now and learn to live in the present and present to ourselves.

Instead of unconsciously performing repetitive actions, try to pay great attention to every activity you do, starting from the banalest ones.

Become aware of a silent and powerful sense of presence. You will be able to measure this practice’s success based on the level of inner peace you will feel.

1) Be Positive.

Every day offers you unlimited possibilities! You’re able to control your attitude whenever you want, so stay optimistic and focused on positive frequencies.

Positive frequencies are part of the Law of Attraction, one of the 12 Laws of the Universe. In short, it says that we attract what we think of. So if this is positive, you will attract positive things. And when you are not, you will attract less positive things. It is your choice.

Read here more about the Law of the Universe and how to live a happier life.

Quote: A negative mind will never give you a positive Life @Ziad K. Abdelnour.

2) Less is more.

Minimalism is a great way to keep you in the present. It helps you to focus on the important things and not be distracted.

A cluttered home, or desk, for that matter, gives you a cluttered mind. You think about things you should be doing instead of staying in the present moment. You have more time for yourself and other people.

Organizing your home or desk helps you think more clearly and enjoy the present moment. Freeing your mind up to focus on pleasant things. Not to live in the past or the future.

Our memories are within us, not within our things.

The Minimalists

Have a look at this Ted Talk from The Minimalists, a great inspirational video on enjoying life better with less materialistic things. And they also have a movie on Netflix, called the Minimalists – Less is Now.

The Art of Letting Go – The Minimalists @ Ted Talk

3) Stop worrying.

You can’t fully appreciate today if you think too much about tomorrow. Tomorrow will come anyway, whether you worry or not. And if you can`t do anything now, why worrying about it? Worrying never helped anyone, so stop doing it.

Quote: Think less live more - salmon
Quote: Think less, live more – The Hygg

4) Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation where you focus on being in the present moment. You are aware of what you are feeling or sensing. You immerse yourself as much as possible in the now: images, sounds, smells, perceptions, sensations, emotions.

Besides focusing on the now, Mindful practicing also helps you relax the body and mind, reducing stress. So a win-win!

5) Letting go.

If you overcome your hurt over past mistakes or a quarrel with somebody, choose to forgive yourself or that person and move on. The damage has been done, and you certainly cannot do anything more about it. But don’t let the past affect your present, ever.

We hope you like our tips on how to live in the present moment and embrace true happiness.

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