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Law of the Universe and how to live a happier life.

Law of the Universe and how to live a happier life.

The Law of the Universe

The Law of the Universe is something you probably have heard of. But do you know exactly what it is, where it comes from, and how it influences your life? In this article, you find answers and also how you can use them to have a happier life.

Have you ever tried driving to a place you’ve never stayed before? Can you recall how many times you lost the turnings and had to start all over again? Did you think a satellite or map guide would’ve been helpful to you at that time?

You see, that’s what it feels if you are trying to navigate life without knowing that there are different universal laws to follow to get the best out of life.

If you don`t know about the universe’s laws yet, you should learn about them because they are the key to a better and happier life. So, what is the law of the universe?

Where does it come from?

The Law of the Universe and humanity
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Normally laws are made by humans and written down. In this way we have rules to which we commit and uphold, to behave, and how to live together in each society or community.

But the laws of the universe were not made by humans. The laws are simply descriptions of what we see when we observe the universe.

Something that ancient civilizations have always intuitively known, going back to early cultures in Hawaii and Egypt. It is the belief that the laws work, but there is no real science to back this up.

It is the belief that the universe combines these laws to create balance and stability within the universe. The belief is that the laws of the universe are permanent and always working.

Understanding, learning, and applying them to your regular life allows you to change your life experience from struggle to abundance and happiness.

Once you come to understand and integrate these universal laws into your life, you start to see everything uniquely. You will start seeing yourself with less judgment, more deep inner peace, and more love.

What is the law of the universe?

The Universe and the 12 Laws
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The laws of the universe offer you the roadmap for how you can master and live your best life.

1) Law of Divine Oneness.

It helps to see that we are all one, we are all connected. That everything you think, do, and say can influence human consciousness.

2) Law of Vibration.

This is one of the most important Laws of the Universe. Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns; the same vibration principles in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the Etheric world. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

In this great video, Bob Proctor explains the law of vibration and how it is directly tied to the law of attraction. He is known worldwide for his ability to motivate people to be more in harmony with themselves and to find success in life. And he is the global CEO of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. This institute teaches people the Law of Attraction and how it is connected to the Law of Vibration.

Whatever vibration you are in is what you are attracting into your life. Do you want different results in life? Then you have to change your vibration. How do you do that? Let Bob give you a brief overview in this video. We loved this so much that we had to share it.

The Law of Vibration – @Bob Proctor/

3) Law of Rhythm.

To know more about the law and how it works, we must think about the energy in the universe being like a pendulum.

Everything comes in a cycle. You cycle in and out of life. Are you at a low point in your life? Then you can be confident that it will be only temporary.

4) Law of Polarity.

This is the law that everything has two “poles”: good and evil, love and hate, attraction and disconnection. Everything in the universe has an opposite. Everything is dual.

And it’s what allows us to experience life to the fullest and appreciate the good in the world. When you understand what you do not want, you will then know what you do want.

5) Law of Relativity.

Everything we see as hot or cold, high or low, good or bad, is based upon something to compare it to. Everything in our physical world is only made real by its relationship or comparison to something.

Light only exists because we compare it to dark. Good can only exist because we compare it to bad.

6) Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is about the power of thoughts. Positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person`s life.

You will attract positive things only by thinking positively about health, wealth, and personal relationships.

Please have a look at the video of Bob Proctor, where he explains the Law of Attraction.

How the Law of Attraction works – @Bob Proctor/

7) Law of Compensation.

This law says that you will be compensated for your efforts. You reap what you saw. If you treat other people positively, then you’ll be treated very well, if not you will be treated poorly as well.

8) Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

You can either pick thoughts, which make you feel better or thoughts that make you feel much worse.

9) Law of Inspired Action.

If you like to make the reality you want, you should follow your inner being’s advice – your intuition and instinct.

Similar things to each other are attracted to one another.

10) Law of Cause and Effect.

Whatever you do has a specific consequence.

11) Law of Correspondence.

This law is about patterns that repeat throughout the universe, and on a personal level, our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside us at that moment.

The same pattern exists in the universe from the micro level to the macro level.

12) Law of Gender.

The correct balance of “masculine” and “feminine” principles are more effective at goal achievement and spiritual health. In short, yin and yang.

More interesting stuff to read and learn from:

This inspirational book from Napoleon Hill was published for the first time in 1937. It has been called the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature.” This is a version for Women.

Maybe you know about The Secret. This book is based on the inspirational book of Napoleon Hill. And if you don`t like to read it, what about watching it on Netflix?

So when are you going to incorporate the Laws of the Universe?

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