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Kintsukuroi, a beautiful Japanese concept for your Happiness.

Kintsukuroi, a beautiful Japanese concept for your Happiness.

Kintsukuroi and what you can learn

Kintsukuroi is a form of art that instills excellent lessons in life and the deeper meaning of this beautiful concept from Japan and what you can learn from it!

In this article, you will find out what it is exactly.

What is Kintsukuroi?

Kintsukuroi literally means the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery and changing it into a new artwork by mending the broken pieces with gold. Kintsukuroi is also referred to as Kintsugi.

Kintsukuroi Pottery
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The words kin and tsugi translate to golden repair. To repair the fragments with gold to show the scars instead of hiding them.

The restoration can take days, weeks, months, or years to clean, repair, and take care of before the object will shine brightly.

It is a therapeutical metaphor for healing emotional wounds. You are broken but you will be whole again even better than before and get a lot of enormously valuable life lessons.

What Can You Learn from It?

Beautiful Kintsukuroi Pottery

The World has flaws.
Life has Flaws.
You have Flaws.
I have Flaws.
But it all makes us Beautiful.

— The Hygg

In real life, you can mend your broken pottery but actually, from this art, we can draw some significant life lessons. I have listed them below:

1) Nothing is permanent. 

Kintsukuroi teaches us that when something is broken in life, it does not have to stay broken.

There’s no reason for you to perceive things being broken as being permanent. If you break something, you can fix it. You can repair it. 

2) Be mentally stronger. 

Become mentally stronger
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The best thing about practicing Kintsukuroi is that you could find a solution to that problem even if you encountered a severe setback.

It teaches us that you can put the `ceramics` back together and be useful again even if it falls to the floor and breaks completely. 

3) You can survive after a fall.

Kintsukuroi teaches us that you can survive any challenges you experience in life.

You never thought the ceramic bowl that fell on the floor would be usable again. But now, it looks stunning and more unique than ever. 

4) Love your imperfections.

Celebrate your imperfections
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You can look at Kintsukuroi as a form of Art Therapy. It invites you to overcome your obstacles and misery to make gold from led.

It reminds you of your visible or invisible scars as proof that you have overcome them. And a clear reminder that helps you deal with it.

The energy of Kintsukuroi helps you in your healing process from a physical altering, like a car accident, injury, or handicap. Or an emotional scar, like a broken bond, a divorce, losing a loved one, or a job.

Beautiful Woman
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You could see the wound as a starting point to something new in development. You will heal to something much better and more beautiful than you were before.

And also, if you find yourself not perfect, you should learn to love yourself and even celebrate your imperfections. Because those make you the unique person that you are. Because there is no one like you!

5) You become more beautiful.

You can use Kintsukuroi as a way of assurance that you can also do something unique even after a fall. This Japanese practice teaches you that anything can be repaired and improved.  

And what makes this philosophy even more wonderful is that you become even more beautiful after the repair. You can be proud of the scars and show the gold instead of being ashamed of them.

I hope you liked this article and that you are inspired to become the gold that you are.

Here are some calming and soothing Japanese ZEN songs for your inspiration on Spotify:

Kintsukuroi for your Happiness Spotify
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