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Keto Breakfast or lunch, a recipe that will satisfy you longer.

Keto Breakfast or lunch, a recipe that will satisfy you longer.

1 SERVINGS - 10 Minutes
Prep Time : 10 Minutes
Total Time: 10 Minutes

A Keto diet is a diet in which you limit the number of carbohydrates to a very low amount, maybe 20-50g per day and the rest of the nutritional portion is comprised of proteins and fats.

This keto diet breakfast fills the plate with healthy salted salmon, avocado, fresh greens, eggs, seeds, and nuts.

It is a complete nutritious breakfast that you need to start your day. It will keep you energized and full for longer.

Salmon supports a healthy heart, brain function and is anti-inflammatory. The fresh veggies provide a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.


● 1/2 cup raw salted salmon, cubed
● 1 cup cornsalad
● 1/4 cup microgreens
● 1/2 avocado
● 1 teaspoon chopped onions
● 1 teaspoon chopped tomatoes
● Salt and pepper to taste

● 1/2 small cucumber, thinly sliced
● 4-5 roasted cashew nuts
● 1 boiled egg to your desired preference
● A pinch of black pepper
● A pinch of flax seeds
● Lemon wedges for topping

Directions Recipe for Keto Breakfast or lunch:

  1. If you can eat raw salmon, you can eat it just by applying salt and lemon juice. But if you don’t like to eat raw salmon, you can lightly steam it in a steamer for a few minutes.
  2. Cut the avocado into half and remove the pit; use one half of the avocado for one serving. Remove some flesh from avocado and add to a small bowl; add onions and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper and mash with a fork; refill this mixture in an avocado half.
  3. In a serving plate, add cornsalad at the base of the plate; then add salted salmon, avocado half, thinly sliced cucumber, microgreens, and boiled egg.
  4. Top with roasted cashews, a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of flax seeds, and lemon wedges.

Enjoy this recipe for a delicious and healthy Keto Breakfast or Lunch!

Keto Breakfast Nutrition Facts
Keto Breakfast Nutrition Facts

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