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Instant Happiness in 5 easy, enjoyable ways!

Instant Happiness in 5 easy, enjoyable ways!

Instant Happiness - use your senses

Instant Happiness is not something to achieve easily if you read about it. But is it so?

Or are there ways that you can still achieve some level of Happiness without crossing the things off your bucket list?

Let’s start with one of our favorite happiness life quotes – “It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that creates happiness.”

Quote: It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness
Quote @Charles Spurgeon – The Hygg

Happiness – that’s a big dream, isn’t it? After all, what’s money without happiness? What’s love without Happiness? What’s a career without Happiness? Well, you get the point.

Happiness is what we all strive for in life. And here’s the good news – some Instant Happiness is achievable. And it’s achievable instantly in 5 easy ways.

Wondering what those 5 easy ways are? Well, we`re about to share them with you!

To explain, let’s do a quick exercise:

Close your eyes and think about a time where you heard nails on a chalkboard. Think about how this makes you feel.

Then, close your eyes and think about a time where you are listening to your favorite song. How does this make you feel?

The two scenarios probably made you feel very differently. Why? Because everything that we intake through our senses matters and has a direct impact on our Happiness!

How do we know? Well because we saw that in a very interesting video by Dr. Daniel Amen. Your five senses (Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Taste) are your key to instant Happiness.

So how can we utilize these senses to create our Happiness? First off, head to watch Dr. Amen’s speech about finding Happiness through your senses. and find out by yourself.

@Dr. Daniel Amen – Flood your 5 senses with Happiness

Then, try some of his techniques – Here are the 5 easy ways to find instant Happiness:

  1. Hearing: Listen to your favorite music each morning.
  2. Vision: Look at photos of things that make you happy.
  3. Taste: Have a sweet treat.
  4. Smell: Sniff your favorite flower or perfume
  5. Touch: Get a massage.

1. Hearing: Listen to your favorite music each morning.

Listening to your favorite music
@Subbotina Anna/

Hop out of bed and instead of turning on the television or jumping into work, listen to three of your favorite, upbeat songs.

You can listen to music while drinking your coffee while showering while getting ready, or while doing anything else in your morning routine.

You’ll be amazed at how much a few upbeat songs can really boost your mood and start your day off on the right foot.

2. Vision: Look at photos of things that make you happy.

Happiness by looking at your favorite photos
@Standret /

Most of us have a smartphone where we can store our photos. Make an album of all your favorite people, favorite places, or favorite memories that make you happy.

Make these the first things that you look at before you get out of bed in the morning.

Create an album of your holidays, as well as photos with good friends and family.

If you need a mood boost in the middle of the day, just pop open your album and bam – instant smile and a reminder of all the things you have to be thankful for.

3. Taste: Have a sweet treat for instant Happiness

Instant Happiness - Have a sweet treat like chocolate

Think of how you feel when you eat a bite of your favorite dessert. Did your mouth water?

Now we`re not suggesting that you continuously eat sweet treats all day long, but a little treat here and there can help to boost your mood.

For us, it’s chocolate. Having a few bites each day can impact my day. As an added bonus, try eating your treats more consciously.

As you chew, focus on the taste and smell. The more conscious you are, the more gratifying your treat will be.

4. Smell: Smell your favorite flower or Perfume.

Happiness by smelling the roses
@Artem Varnitsin /

And to indulge your sense of smell, take a sniff of your favorite flower or put on a spray of your favorite perfume.

The sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, with just one scent triggering a long-lost experience or memory.

It is also a trigger for our emotional responses and why we have particular preferences for one smell over another.

Therefore if you smell something, you like this will trigger a good memory and instantly get you in a good mood. For, e.g., with your favorite sunscreen that smells like coconut.

When you smell this, you’re immediately experiencing your holidays on the beach.

5. Touch: Get a massage, for instant Happiness.

Enjoying a massage

Go out and get a massage, spend some time in the sauna, or hold the hand of a loved one.

The power of touch to transfer emotions is something very powerful. It is also the most underrated sense we have.

It connects us to one another. And a massage helps people to connect with their inner-self. Therefore it is a way how to achieve instant happiness.

You don’t have to limit your senses to your morning routines. We believe that starting your day in a positive, uplifting light is the key to having a good day – that’s why we like to do many of these things first thing in the morning.

But you don’t need to limit yourself there. You can indulge your senses anytime that you need a mood boost throughout the day!

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