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Hygge: The beautiful Danish Secret to Happiness!

Hygge: The beautiful Danish Secret to Happiness!

Holiday in Hygge Style

Have you heard of Hygge? Did you ever had a beautiful night sitting by the fire with a cup of cocoa, enjoying the company of your family members, and just thought, “This is life?”

Well, that’s what we refer to as Hygge. But what is Hygge exactly and where does it come from? 

What Is Hygge? 

What is Hygge
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The Danish term Hygge (pronounced by Hue-gah) symbolizes a culture of wellbeing, joy, and coziness.

With at least seventeen hours of darkness every day in the depths of winter, and standard temperatures hovering around zero degrees, Danes spend most of their time indoors. 

Did you know that Scandinavian regions manage to be the happiest countries in the globe despite the dark? Some of that could be associated with Hygge. 

What Can You Learn from Hygge? 

Christmas Hygge - Holiday Hygge
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Originally designed to deal with boredom during the dark and long winter months, the concept is to embrace the present moment you are in and use it to be present, relax, and feel confident with your life, mind, and body.

This idea, designed by the Danish, is focused on the concept of presence and consciousness.

The benefits involve less anxiety and depression, improved feelings of self-worth, a higher sense of Mindfulness, enhanced self-compassion, less boredom, more optimism, and many more. 

Cozy cat feeling relaxed
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Hygge is more of a feeling than a way of living, often mistaken as a lifestyle choice. Hygge is when you feel present, relaxed, cozy, and good about it. 

Five Tips to Practice Hygge.

Hygge suggests establishing a warm and cozy atmosphere, enjoying the awesome things in life with good people. Here are some ways to start bringing Hygge into your home: 

1. Always share the spirit.

Hygge is about gathering with family members to bond over a recurring and familiar ritual.

That could indicate enjoying a morning cup of coffee, indulging in a thoughtful chat, or reading a new book.

2. Unplug from technology.

Plunge into the Danish Happiness Concept
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Give yourself time to unplug and tune out from the stresses of a continuously connected lifestyle. Start by making at least one screen-free room inside your home.

3. Wander in nature.

Embracing hygge doesn’t need you to spend your day indoors. You can grab your winter gear and go for a walk while observing your landscape. 

4. Prioritize meals with the family.

Meals with family or friends

Spending time with your friend and family, especially around mealtimes, is an excellent way to step back and enjoy one another’s company. 

5. Light the candles.

A simple flickering candle is considered one of the best hygge moments from dark winter nights as soon as the sun goes down. 

These small daily activities do not entail making any significant changes to your regular life but make you feel differently. 

Light the candles for extra coziness
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When the cold weather starts moving, most people are more likely to feel extra anxiety and stress. It seems like everyone can all use a bit more Hygge in our lives.

We hope you now realize and learned the answer to the question, “what hygge is.” Maybe you can incorporate it into your daily routine for more Happiness.

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