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How to Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors.

How to Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors.

How to grow your own herbs

Are you one of those people who want to learn how to grow herbs indoors? Are you looking for an idea for a herb garden? Herbs can be grown inside your home by placing them in containers or pots. You could also put them in hanging baskets or window boxes.

Like all plants, herbs require essential elements for successful growth: water, sunlight, and soil. Sunlight is vital to them, whether they will be grown outside or indoors. 

Different herbs have different needs for the sunlight they require. It would be best if you put them in a sunny area. You can also utilize fluorescent lamps or grow lamps to supplement the sunlight they may be lacking. 

Common Indoor Idea for Herb Garden.

Below are some of the best herbs you can grow inside your home:

How to grow your own herbs like rosemary, basil, sage and thyme
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  • Rosemary – It needs enough sunlight and is very sensitive to too much watering. Rosemary is a beautiful and delicious herb.
  • Sage – This herb needs direct sunlight.
  • Bay – The plant grows indoors year long, and it prefers filtered sun and rich soil in a cool place.
  • Oregano – It requires enough sunlight but has a wide array of uses
  • Parsley – It’s a slow grower but requires less sunlight
  • Thyme – The herb flourishes in the dry indoor air. It requires enough amount of sunlight.
  • Basil – It’s simple to grow from seed both outside and indoors. It needs the sunniest position to grow.

How to Grow Herbs.

Various herbs as little plants
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Keep in mind that herbs will require soil that isn’t too rich but still well-drained. Do you want to mix the soil yourself? Add two portions of a sterilizing soil that has a part of coarse sand or perlite for those herbs in containers.

Put an inch of gravel at the bottom part of the pot to ensure there’s sufficient drainage. You can also supplement a teaspoon of lime for every five inches pot to ensure the soil is sweet enough for the herbs.  

Those grown in pots require water as well. Are the herbs misted, and the pebbles moist? You need to keep the herbs in humid conditions. Similarly, they must have more water as compared to those grown outdoors.

One thing to keep in mind on our idea for a herb garden is to prevent the roots from getting too soggy.

How to Harvest Your Herbs Indoors. 

Herbs like basil and thyme
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When you harvest your herbs, try to prevent taking more than half. Otherwise, you will make new growth difficult and you have to buy a new plant.

Where to buy kitchen gardens or herb pots?

Here you can find kitchen gardens, which is easy to start with:

  1. Tregren, great Kitchen Garden Starter kit
  2. Botanium, to grow your herb easily without soil
  3. Plantui, fro your indoor garden at home

All these companies ship internationally, so don`t worry.

Tregren Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden - Tegren Model T12 white
Beautiful Kitchen Garden by Tregren/

The company Tregren, is specialized in great starter kits for new indoor gardeners. Founded in 2010, this Finnish food tech company is committed to reducing food waste. They want to improve the ecological footprint of food production.

They combine the latest technology with Nordic design. Their exclusive line of connected kitchen gardens is beautiful. It gives anyone the possibility to enjoy homegrown herbs and plants without hassle.

They have 3 different models (T3, T6, and T12) that differ in size depending on what kind of plants you want to grow. All models come in 3 beautiful colors: Black, Grey, and White.

Botanium, simplified indoor gardening

Botanium Indoor gardening
Simplified indoor gardening by Botanium/

The company Botanium has beautiful products to grow herbs without soil. Botanium, founded in Sweden in 2016, aims to simplify urban gardening.

They want to enable everyone to grow their own food at home in an easy way without compromising their modern lifestyle. They have beautiful products which will look great on your kitchen table.

Their system is very simple to use. By using hydroponics, your plants can`t be overwatered. You just fill the reservoir when you see the water level getting low. The water lasts several weeks (depending on the plant, light, and heat).

Timelapse of a Tomatoplant growing in a Botanium indoor gardening product/

You can buy this product in 3 lovely colors: White, Ash Grey and Laurel Green.

Plantui, smart indoor gardens

Plantui smart garden T6 close-up

The company Plantui was established in 2012 in Finland. Plantui tries to solve tomorrow’s food challenge by enabling sustainable hydroponic growth.

Their patented indoor growing method and light solution enhances your home garden and provides you the whole year with tasty greens.

A nice-to-know fact is that Plantui’s technology is based on LED lights with light algorithms that replicate the light of Finnish Lapland.

Smart Indoor Gardens by Plantui/ on Youtube.

Because it optimizes the light, the plants produce more green mass and a higher level of nutrients.

Together with an automated growth method, their technology is powerful support for developing indoor gardens of all sizes, like the various models T3 or T6, in the beautiful colors Red, Grey, White, or Naked (transparent).

If you are not into high tech. Here you can find nice herbs pots.

You can always grow your herbs garden the traditional way, with normal herbs pots. They will also brighten up your kitchen. Here you can find a selection of some good ones on Amazon:

Greenaholics Shop

To sum up, growing herb indoors will surely make your house smell nice. Doing so will offer you healthy and fresh herbs every time you need it for your cooking activities.

Follow this simple idea for a herb garden, and you can grow your herbs inside the house with less or no gardening skills in no time.

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