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How to forgive yourself for living a better, happier life.

How to forgive yourself for living a better, happier life.

How to forgive yourself

Self-forgiveness can be a challenge. It is not easy to truly forgive yourself. It is hard work, but it can be achieved. How to forgive yourself then? Why can this be so challenging? In this article, you find all you need to know about self-forgiveness.

Sometimes life leads us to situations where we can’t see or act clearly or get it wrong and make mistakes. Every day of our lives, we test ourselves to show our emotions.

To share our emotions, to suffer from them or, on the contrary, not to notice, not to feed them, and survive in a kind of bubble.

But making mistakes is an inevitable part of the emotional learning process. There are no people who make no mistakes.

Unfortunately, the guilt spiral is something, especially women, experience way too often in their lives.

Give yourself the ultimate gift
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Many women feel guilty or responsible for something that happened (especially when it comes to love, breakups, and more emotional wounds from their past).

They cannot see it, but they are not genuinely responsible as some actions were just a natural response to a particular situation.

If they felt like they are acting in an inevitable wait was the only thing they could do. The point to all this? Whether you’re responsible or had no other choice, you should remember to let it go. It would be best if you learned to forgive yourself.

Otherwise, you will guilt will eat you up, and you can’t achieve a better, happier, brighter version of yourself.

Why is it so hard to forgive yourself?

Forgive yourself

Many times, hasty decisions, miscommunication, or moments of confusion remain within us like black dots and form part of our soul.

If these feelings of discomfort and anger towards oneself are not dealt with from the inside, we run the risk of adding more and more centimeters to our emotional armor.

Asking for Forgiveness, true Forgiveness is not easy, but in the long run, it gives satisfaction.

Forgiveness highlights honesty and humility, concepts that contribute to personal growth, the ultimate goal for good emotional health.

But when it comes to forgiving yourself, what happens? Everything changes; we don’t turn to other people, it’s just us. 

The 6 stages of Forgiveness.

Forgiving is a process consisting of the following steps:

Being kind to yourself is part of forgiving
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  1. Recognize the truth. To forgive yourself, you have to be honest with yourself. If you have done something wrong, it is better not to pretend anything.
  2. Take responsibility for what happened. All actions have consequences; it is much better to be brave and to face the repercussions.
  3. Get in touch with the deepest feelings that motivated that behavior. Knowing what led us to behave in that way is an essential step in not repeating the same mistake in the future.
  4. Make yourself available to hear without judgment. Admitting our imperfections is crucial to the success of this point. Accepting what has happened is the basis for healing.
  5. Let the emotional wounds go to the fore. You can achieve this by allowing your self-criticism to leave room for compassion towards yourself. 
  6. Love yourself unconditionally. It means accepting you in your entirety, with your gifts and virtues, but also with your mistakes and defects.

Best 3 ways to learn how to forgive yourself getting over your past mistakes.

Forget the mistake remember the lesson
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  1. Identify the emotions that led to guilt. You can deceive yourself many times, but if you reflect even for five minutes, you will identify the emotions responsible for guilt: fear, insecurity, envy, etc.

    These emotions must help you to draw the path that leads to the origin of your behavior. If you do not take this step correctly, then it will not be possible to achieve Forgiveness.
  2. Assume your responsibilities. It is vital to bear in mind that actions have consequences. Taking responsibility for your actions implies a sincere effort to understand and accept the mistakes you have made.

    It will make you mature, and you will be stronger in the face of reality. You will get great satisfaction when you get to this point.
  3. Know how to forgive yourself. The time has come, and you have to face it. Based on the previous points’ results, allow yourself to be who you are. Accept the fact of living with fears, insecurities, and emotions that change your path, understand that failure is lawful, to make mistakes allowed.

    Learning from past inner experiences is the exercise to be done so that the soul lives with these sensations and knows how to manage them correctly.

These are simple rules on how to forgive yourself. If you gradually let the soul soak up these sensations, they will become emotional “problems” with a solution and an answer over time.

Life will take care of putting you in front of new situations or similar to those you have already experienced.

At that point, your inner self will be able to react healthily and naturally, with more than positive consequences on your emotional health. And you will be so much happier!

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