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Happy World Smile Day – 1st Friday of October.

Happy World Smile Day – 1st Friday of October.

Happy World Smile Day

Are you one of those searching when the Happy World Smile Day is? Look no further because this article got you covered.

This fabulous yet unofficial holiday motivates people to do acts of kindness and spread cheer and goodwill. 

Below is everything you need to know about this holiday and why it is celebrated by people worldwide. 

When is it?

Smileys by the smiley creator Harvey Ball

Keep in mind that the first Friday of October every year is celebrated across the globe as World Smile Day.

This day is an excellent opportunity for everybody worldwide to utilize the universal language of the smile.

You see, smiling is a gesture, which is understood across the globe, whether you speak the same language or not.

Further, sharing your smile makes you feel great and makes the other person feel great as well.

Smiling people

The World Smile Day happens on the first Friday of October every year. The theme of this day is to do an act of kindness and help one person smile.

The goal is to bring some happiness to the world by inspiring other people to do a random act of kindness.

When everybody does one thing to make the other person smile, the world would be much happier and kinder. 

What is it exactly?

World Smile Day

It was first started in 1999 by Harvey Ball, a graphic artist who created the smiley face symbol we’ve all come to know.

The holiday itself rejoices the intent behind the now universally sought icon—to bring a smile to people’s faces across the globe.

The holiday’s purpose was to move away from the smiley’s commercialization and utilize it as a sign of affection and kindness. 

Why is it celebrated?

Smileys /

World Smile Day motivates everyone to smile and enhance their overall mood.

Throughout the day, people always their best smiles and show those to any people—their family, friends, even strangers who happen to walk by on the streets.

Further, people do acts of kindness and good deeds throughout this day. 

Why is it important?

Happy People Smiling
@Monkey Business Images /

Harvey Ball urged us to devote a single day to different simple acts of kindness around the people around us.

His concept was that people should share a genuine smile across all boundaries for at least one day every year. 

Did you know that the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was founded in 2001 to honor the memory and name of Harvey Ball?

The motto of the foundation is “enhancing the world, one smile at a time.” Until this day, the foundation continues as the official patron of World Smile Day each year. 

How many countries support this?

Countries that join /

Many countries participate in this holiday from Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and so much more. 

Are you thinking of a way on how you can celebrate World Smile Day? An excellent way to celebrate this day is to think about some things that make you smile.

We hope this post has made you smile and is something you find informative and entertaining.

Even if it’s still not World Smile Day, make sure you wear a smile every day!

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