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Happiness is a Choice: Five Tips on How to Achieve It.

Happiness is a Choice: Five Tips on How to Achieve It.

Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a choice, whether you realize it or not.

People’s dominant thoughts determine whether you are happy or unhappy. You can choose to focus on either one.

You see, happiness is a gift if you accept it. 

What is Happiness is a Choice? 

Happiness is a Choice - Happy in the rain

Happiness is a choice is an awareness of having the capability to make real and lasting happiness for yourself. You’re always making choices.

You do many things to be happy such as choosing who to love, where to work, what clothes to wear, and foods to eat. 

What Can You Learn from It? 

Choosing happiness is not identical to being happy at all times.

Expecting that you should always be satisfied will be the thing that guarantees you won’t.

Life throws many curveballs, and you are not wired to feel happy when challenging events happen.

Happiness is a Choice - Honor your emotions

As an alternative, look at these curveballs as part of your life and take care of them when they appear.

Healthy individuals honor their emotional states. They always trust those challenging feelings such as guilt, anger, or sadness will appear and vanish.

The more you can accept your emotions, the more you begin to get yourself and your surroundings—making you naturally happier.

Five Tips to Start Choosing Happiness Today.

Remember that happiness is always a choice. Here are some steps you can take towards choosing happiness.

1. Build Friendships.

Build meaningful Relationships

Strong social support is a vital aspect of happiness and health. Consider how you can build, improve, and sustain the friendships or relationships you already have. 

2. Engage in meaningful Activities.

People are rarely as happy as they are if they’re in a state of flow—your mind becomes immersed in the activity at hand.

Your capabilities are tested, and you’re fully awake and engaged. The deep happiness that comes from a flow state obliges you to make an intelligent choice to engage yourself. 

3. Strengthen your Mental Hygiene.

Strenghten your Mental Hygiene

Understand how to control your behaviors and thoughts through deliberate, mindful, and conscious practice.

You cannot expect to change entirely overnight. Significant changes need concerted and consistent efforts through mindful practice. 

4. Practice Forgiveness.

Holding on to resentment and grudges negatively impacts both your mental and physical health.

Actively practicing forgiveness can lower the power of bad events to develop a sense of resentment and bitterness.

5. Express your Gratitude.

Express your Gratitude and enjoy the little Things
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Most unhappy people prefer to pay little or no attention to the things in life they have to be thankful for.

You may be shocked by how many things in your life you may still express gratitude even when minor setbacks happen. 

When you’re confronted with the chance to become involved with life, alive to all its possibilities, and thankful for all you have, you’re choosing a life with happiness.

Remember that happiness is a choice. Today will give you more opportunities to choose happiness.

It is up now to you which journey you will take. 

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