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Good Brain Food, and what you should eat every day.

Good Brain Food, and what you should eat every day.

Good Brain Food

Good Brain Food makes sure that you take good care of your brain health. Nowadays, this is essential. Did you know that there are over 9.9 million new cases of dementia around the globe yearly? The anticipation is that that figure is will rise to 131.5 million by 2050.

Older people are not just the ones at risk for cognitive illnesses. More than one-third of graduate students claim to feel depression. That trend is also showing no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, good options about what you eat could make a huge difference.

Check out these healthy foods for your brain.

Fatty fish, like salmon, herring, or mackerel.

Good Brain Food - Fresh Salmon
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Our brain is composed of sixty percent fat. At least fifty percent of that fat involves Omega-3 fatty acids that is linked with dementia. Four four-ounce servings of oily fish every week must offer you optimal fish oil levels for your brain and body.
Changing one protein per week with Omega-3-rich fatty acid enhances your thinking abilities.

Green vegetables, like Broccoli, Green Beans or Kale.

Green Vegetables, like Broccoli, green beans, kale, etc.
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Good Brain Foods like green veggies are full of folate. Often, an insufficient amount of folate is associated with cognitive decline. The vitamins help stop the beta-amyloid plaque from building up as Alzheimer’s develops. On top of that, folate decreases the amount of homocysteine that accompanies dementia and brain aging.

Virgin Olive Oil is full of anti-oxidants.

Good Brain Food - Olive Oil
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Did you know that real extra virgin oil is brain food? That’s the reason a Mediterranean diet is recommended if you want optimum brain health. You see, the oil has antioxidants like Vitamin E that support learning ability and support memory. It’s also rich in flavonoids and tannins (normally found in plants) that help fight amyloid-beta plaque which helps the brain.

Broccoli is an excellent source for more brainpower.

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Who does not love broccoli? Both cauliflower and broccoli are great sources of choline. In case you didn’t know yet, choline is a B-vitamin that supports the brain’s development.

It also speeds up the production and release of acetylcholine, a kind of protein carrying brain cells’ signals. Acetylcholine is essential for memory and other brain functions. And broccoli is rich in plant chemicals, which supports the body’s detoxification process and inflammatory response.

Research on choline tells its power to boost memory and learning, enhance cognitive function, and stop age-related memory decline. It supports cells in a region of the brain known as the hippocampus.

Best of Good Brain Food: Turmeric and its secret powers.

Good Brain Food - Turmeric

You might have seen turmeric several times. This remarkable Good Brain Food is a yellow spice utilized in Indian dishes and often seen in mixed curry powders. You can also benefit from its inflammatory response to the body because of the antioxidant compound curcumin.

Curcumin is a neuroprotective agent. It can traverse the blood-brain barrier. It also stops and breaks up the unfavorable beta amyloids. These can build up in the brains of patients who have Alzheimer’s. Curcumin can also support new cell growth and boost your memory. There has been a study that shows good results for the battle against Alzheimer`s Disease from Phytotherapy Research.

These are only some of the foods you can take for your brain. There are many more of them. With the right foods, you can fight memory concerns and depression and keep your mind sharp.

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