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Free Audiobooks on Spotify, Audible, and other sources.

Free Audiobooks on Spotify, Audible, and other sources.

Free Audiobooks with Amazon Audible or Spotify

There’s no doubt that Audiobooks are a great company, no matter if you are commuting, doing a chore, or relaxing.

It has become the need of the hour to look for platforms that offer free audiobooks legally so you can listen to them to your heart’s content without bankrupting yourself.

No matter if you are a beginner or a long-time fan of audiobooks, below is our pick of the best places to check out when looking for free audiobooks.

1. Spotify.

Free Audiobooks on Spotify
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For free Audiobooks, our top of the list is Spotify. The music platform now has a playlist of audiobooks added to its collection. Many of them are classic works in the public domain.

If you are a user of this platform, then accessing the audiobooks is exceptionally hassle-free. You can listen to various audiobooks with a free account.

This platform has over 6.500 free Audiobooks to choose from. If you don`t mind listening to ads at the start of every title. If you don’t want the inconvenience, then upgrade to a premium account.

The Audiobooks are a bit difficult to find on Spotify as they are not put into a genre. But visit this link and it will lead you directly to the free Audiobooks page:

2. Audible Stories.

The App Audible
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Discover, choose, and listen. That’s all you need to do with this platform. Listening to free audiobooks has never been that simple. You can access the audio stories anytime, anywhere you desire, whether it be on a tablet, phone, or desktop.

To start, choose the Start Listening button, and you’ll be directed to the discovery page. That’s where you can see all the categories. Choose one category, and you can begin picking your choice of an audiobook. Although the choice is not very big, there are great audiobooks like old-time classics Frankenstein or Wuthering Heights. There are a lot of books for kids as well.

Audible typically needs a monthly subscription. Lucky for you, you can find all such stories for free. For children, there is a lot to choose from, but there are some audiobooks for adults, under the category like the Timeless Listens or Folk and Fairy Tales for all.

Visit the Website: Audible Stories.

3. LibriVox.

The App Librivox
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Indeed, this platform grants its users free audiobooks. However, it takes the process one step further as well. The site’s free audiobooks are made possible through volunteer readers.

You can pick between browsing the catalog to listen to audiobooks or reading as a volunteer. Keep in mind that all short stories, plays, poems, and books you’ll find here are public domain. You can search by reader, title, or author.

Visit the website:

4. Digitalbook.

Did you know that this platform is an excellent resource if you seek podcasts, ebooks, and free audiobooks? You won’t find any available app for either Android or iOS app. Still, the site is simple to navigate. You can look for a title straight from the homepage, scroll down to see trending and top-rated books, or you can browse through the genre.

Visit the website:

5. Internet Archive.

Homepage Internet Archive Audiobooks & Poetry

This platform has a complete section dedicated to audiobooks. You will find over 20,000 titles covered in their collection. You can visit their official website and start listening to your favorite audiobooks without having to make an account. How awesome is that?

Visit the website:

Wherever you choose to listen or download free audiobooks, make sure you are doing it safely and legally. Which of these are your favorite platforms for finding audiobooks?

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