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Different Stress Relaxing Concepts You Need to Know.

Different Stress Relaxing Concepts You Need to Know.

Stress Relaxing Concepts

Have you heard of different stress relaxing concepts by Scandinavians? Typically, summer is the time when people have their holidays where they relax and enjoy new experiences.

It’s about time that you take a retreat to explore the secrets of Scandinavians for relaxation.

Nordic culture, health trends, and food have been a lifestyle phenomenon, but these Viking traditions have been around for thousands of years. 

What are Nordic Stress Relaxing Concepts?

Stress Relaxing Concepts like Hygg, Fika and Niksen
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Each year, Nordic nations top the list of the countries with the globe’s happiest people.

Neither the rare sunny days nor harsh climate conditions can bring Scandinavians down.

There has been a global trend of the Norwegian concepts of hygge, fika, and niksen. 

The Danish Stress Relaxing Concept: Hygge.

Hygge comes from Denmark and goes far in illuminating the Danish soul.

In short, it means establishing a cozy and warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life along with good people.

Hygge the Danish Stress Relaxing Concept
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For instance, hygge is the warm glow of candlelight.

It also involves cozying up with a significant other for a movie or sitting around with family and friends, talking about the small and big things in life. 

Hygge first appeared in Danish writing around the eighteenth century, and the Danes have adopted it ever since. 

The Swedish Concept: Fika.

In Norway and Denmark, hygge usually is used as an example of an overall state of coziness.

In Sweden, the term that’s challenging to translate is Fika. The word itself means to “meet up, chit-chat, and have some coffee.” 

Fika the Swedish Concept
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Scandinavians love nothing more than to meet up for a Fika. That could be done at any time of the day, and it can take about ten minutes to several hours, depending on how great you are at Fika-ing. 

To make it short, Fika is a chance for Swedes to stop in their work and slow down to catch their breath.

The good thing about this stress relaxing concept is that you can do it at work, at home, or spend it with others. 

Research proves that taking breaks throughout your workday increases productivity while lowering the unnecessary time and fatigue spent being distracted. 

The Dutch Stress Relaxing Concept: Niksen.

The Dutch Concept Niksen
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In a digital realm that never sleeps, even when you think you’re doing nothing, often, you are doing something.

However, the Dutch seem to have perfected the art of doing nothing with Niksen. Following the footsteps of hygge and fika, Niksen is gaining traction around the world. 

Niksen is a Dutch term for doing nothing, “to be idle or doing something without use.”

Embracing this stress relaxing concept means sitting still and taking in your surroundings, listening to music, or just losing yourself in thought. 

It massively differs from mindfulness that motivates people who practice being present in the moment.

It supports you to relax and become one with your thoughts, no matter where they take you.

Whether you are a worker or a student, it will help if you integrate these stress relaxing Nordic concepts into your day.

Consider it an opportunity for self-care—a detox from the fast-paced routine of your regular life.  

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