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Color of the Year 2021 and how it affects Happiness.

Color of the Year 2021 and how it affects Happiness.

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What will be the color of the year 2021? This question is one of the things people anticipate this year but also each year.

But did you know that the color of the year has a massive deal of influence on products and buying decisions?

It really has a big influence in a wide array of industries from graphic design, home goods, product packaging, industrial design, and fashion.

How did it start, and why?

Color of the year 2021
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In 2000, the Pantone Color Institute began the Pantone Color of the Year as a trendsetting idea for creative, marketing, and branding society.

The launch of the Pantone Color of the Year confirmed the organization as the leader for all things color connected.

What is the importance of the color of the year?

A new color is broadcasted in December, but designers and brands have investigated how it can be integrated into their business long before that date.

The Color of the Year 2021 is a color trend forecast for the consumer. It is intended to be utilized for consumer designs and products made for customers.

Which industries follow this?

Different products
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Since 2013, Pantone provides additional design and color tools that complement the announcement of the Color of the Year.

Interior decorators, makeup designers, fashion designers, product manufacturers, and graphic designers have access to all types of Pantone Color Systems tools for making trending and new graphics and colors with the Color of the Year.

Fabric designers can integrate the color into textured patterns or fabrics for throw blankets, pillows, and curtains.

Fashion designers can make accessories and clothing that either highlight the color or utilize it as an accent. Home interior designers can integrate the hue into color schemes for designing.

You see, the possibilities are unlimited when we talk about utilizing the Color of the Year in consumer products and services.

What were the colors from 2010 till now?

Pantone Color 2021
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When choosing the Color of the Year, Pantone searches the world, searching for color influences. Here are the colors from the past years:

  • 2010 – Turquoise
  • 2011 – Honeysuckle
  • 2012 – Tangerine Tango  
  • 2013 – Emerald
  • 2014 – Radiant Orchid
  • 2015 – Marsala
  • 2016 – Serenity / Rose Quartz
  • 2017 – Greenery
  • 2018 – Ultra Violet
  • 2019 – Living Coral
  • 2020 – Classic Blue

What are the colors for 2021?

Pantone Color of the year 2021 yellow and gray
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The Pantone Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are the new colors of the year.
Colors definitely have an impact on your mood and, therefore, Happiness. You can find a study about colors here.

Yellow is one of the primary colors, which means it can`t be made from mixing other colors. It is actually one of 3 colors (red, blue, and yellow) that are the basis for all colors.

Yellow is the most outgoing of all colors. To quote the study:

Yellow is thought of as joyful, outgoing, open, and friendly. Psychologically, yellow is the strongest color. In color-mood association studies, yellow is associated with comedy, a happy mood, and playfulness.

  • The mix of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating is about positivity and strength. It tells an uplifting and enduring story, summarizing resilience and roughness to promise something hopeful and luminous moving forward into 2021.
  • A lovely and vibrant yellow glittering with liveliness, PANTON 13-0647 Illuminating is a luminous and warm yellow tone.

    Yellow is a shade of imagination, hope, and new ideas, not to mention illuminating and inspiring at the same time. It arouses feelings of fun, cheerfulness, and happiness.
  • On the other hand, Ultimate Gray is dependable and stable, signifying a strong foundation for recreating.

    The color of natural elements, stones on the beach, and mountains on the horizon that have endured, this color arouses feelings of resilience, composure, and steadiness.
Pantone Color of the year 2021
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It is not shocking then that The Pantone Color of the Year is anticipated with much expectation and excitement each December.

The color yellow is certainly a very uplifting one, positive, warm, and joyful. How will the color of the year 2021 influence your mood?

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