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Brain Chemistry of Happiness: Trick Your Brain into Happiness.

Brain Chemistry of Happiness: Trick Your Brain into Happiness.

Brain Chemistry of Happiness

Are you aware of the concept of the Brain Chemistry of Happiness?

When you ask people what makes them happy, they often think of the possessions, circumstances, or people in their lives.

In reality, happiness is massively a chemical experience.

Hormones, neurochemicals, and neurotransmitters produced inside your brain are responsible for making the emotions and sensations you have come to link with happiness. 

What Chemicals cause Happiness in the Brain?

what chemicals cause Brain Chemistry of Happiness
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Here are the main chemicals that create happiness inside your brain:

1. Endorphins.

The central nervous system creates these to help you deal with physical pain. They make you feel lightheaded and giddy at times. 

2. Serotonin.

These are the most popular happiness chemical as it’s antidepression medications. It’s triggered by many things you do every day.

3. Oxytocin. 

Oxytocin is created in abundance throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. It offers many whammies of warm fuzzies by stimulating serotonin and dopamine while lowering anxiety. 

4. Dopamine.

It’s a neurotransmitter often called the chemical of reward. When you finish a task, you get a pleasurable surge of dopamine in your brain telling you you’ve done a great job.

How can you improve those Chemicals?

Go out in nature and exercise
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Now, how can you improve those chemicals, so you receive more happiness?

  1. To induce endorphins, try exercising. These chemicals are released after both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

    As little as thirty minutes of walking on the treadmill for ten days was enough to create a reduction in depression. 
  2. To improve serotonin, expose yourself to bright light like the sunshine. Happy thoughts and exercise support the production of such chemicals. 
  3. To get your regular hit of oxytocin without even taking ecstasy, why don’t you give someone you love a cuddle. Even your dog will do.
Brain Chemistry of Happiness - a hug
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Happiness may feel like the unachievable grail of emotion if you’re most people.

Fortunately, your bodies and brains undergo complicated chemical processes that impact your everyday actions.

4. Finally, volunteering is the answer to getting your boost of dopamine. Research has discovered that it just takes thoughts of loving-kindness to bring this chemical high. 

5 Tips to trick the Brain into Happiness.

The brain chemistry of Happiness - smiling
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Did you know that you can trick your brain into thinking that happiness is a state of mind by smiling? Here are some tips for you to consider:

1. Eat some chocolate.

Quality dark chocolate has lots of health benefits. It also lowers blood pressure, inflammation and safeguards your arteries. 

2. Practice gratitude.

Being grateful for the good things in your life, even the small and simple ones will make you happier. Hence, list things you are thankful for every morning before getting out of bed. 

3. Find purpose and meaning.

Most people go through life doing what they are supposed to be doing. Do those things bring you a sense of purpose or meaning? If not, you are missing out on the course to happiness. 

4. Cut down sources of unhappiness.

Happiness is always a state of mind, which should be nourished along with bad habits. Spending too much of your time on social media is not one of those things. 

5. Find and offer support.

Sharing your feelings can help create stronger relationships and feel supported.

So, are you ready to improve your Brain Chemistry for Happiness? 

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