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Audiobooks on Spotify, how does it work?

Audiobooks on Spotify, how does it work?

Enjoy listening to Audiobooks on Spotify

Are you one of those people who recently discovered the audiobook feature on Spotify?

Maybe you are looking for more details on how you can make the most out of it. Look no further because this post got you covered!

Audiobooks are one of the most intangible features available on Spotify. You may have used this music streaming platform for years but didn’t realize this feature existed.

Granted, the platform’s audiobook library isn’t as comprehensive or latest as services such as Audible’s.

However, it does feature an incredible collection of canonized comedy, literature, and educational resources.

How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify?

Public Playlist Audiobooks

Want to use Spotify Audiobooks today? Consider our tips below.

You can utilize the classic search bar on Spotify to explore new materials. You can type the keyword audiobooks, and you’ll see the Audio Books on Spotify.

After you scroll down further, you will find the keyword audiobooks in other categories: Playlist, Songs, Podcasts, Albums, and Artists.

You will see different audiobooks on every list. However, sorting most of them is quite complicated. To make your search much simple, here are more tips.

Go to Spotify audiobooks Profiles.

Audiobooks Profile

Don’t you have any idea what you like to listen to next? You can follow one of the audiobook Profiles. That way, you will receive a broad array of Playlists that are categorized by authors or genre. You can pick out what you want there.

Or you can follow a Playlist. After following a specific audiobook playlist, it will show in your library, so you don’t need to look for it always.

Search the name of the audiobook.

Spotify New Audiobooks
Category New Audiobooks

Do you already have a favorite author? You can then search for his or her name. After searching, you will find their published audiobooks, playlists, and their newest piece.

The only thing you need to do is to pick your desired audiobook. These are just the intros or first chapters of the books. Click on the 3 dots and go to album. Here you will find the whole book with all its chapters.

Create your playlist.

Create playlist
Create Audiobooks

Are you one of those people who don’t stick to one author? Then you can make an effort to compile playlists of various audiobooks.

Doing such can be practical if you don’t want to look for the same authors or audiobooks repeatedly.

Among the playlists are anthologies of poetry read by poets, full-length novels, language lessons, fiction and nonfiction, Shakespeare’s plays, and many comedic acts.

Such playlists make this music streaming platform a great tool to unwind and appreciate comedy or literature and learn simultaneously.

Beautiful woman enjoying a Spotify Audiobook
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With this feature, Spotify goes beyond the average music streaming platform to offer a unique listening experience that immerses you in the fantastic world of music.

Features like this enable you to change your listening to works beyond music. That makes Spotify a massive streaming powerhouse.

Are you ready to use Spotify Audiobooks? Do you have book titles or authors you want to listen to? We hope you find this little guide helpful and informative.

Here is our selection of Audiobooks for meditation and relaxation on Spotify:

Spotify Audiobooks
Spotify Audiobooks meditation and relaxation

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