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5 Great Ways to Make Someone Smile today and Be Happy.

5 Great Ways to Make Someone Smile today and Be Happy.

Make someone smile today

Learn 5 about these ways to put a smile on somebody’s face. As this is very contagious, you will see it will encourage many people.

Are you thinking about cheering somebody up? Or make their day a little bit more sparkling? This does not include much time nor money on your part and it will make the world a kinder place.

Find here one or more of these 5 ways today for a better world and start with yourself.

Smiling makes the world a kinder place
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Many things can be done as part of your daily routine and cost you very little to nothing.

You can`t even imagine how many people you inspire by your kindness, as smiles are contagious.

Why not try out one or more of these 5 easy ways to put smiles on their faces.

1. Write Handwritten notes.

Write someone a personal note to make someone smile
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Write an inspiring note to others that have inspired or encouraged you or that need inspiration.

Handwritten notes that are solely given as inspiration or encouragement are rare. They are not the same as notes that accompany gifts or flowers.

Start a new routine of sitting down and writing inspirational or encouraging notes regularly. You never know how this will be paid forward.

2. Give away inspirational books.

Give somebody a good book as gift
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Give someone an inspirational book to read. This works even in two ways: the person reading the book will change her/ his ways and think about you every time they read it.

And you, on the other hand, will be feeling fantastic because you did something good. So you both will have smiles on your faces.

3. Volunteer for a good cause.

Do a good deed
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Make some time free to support your local charity or church. You will be so grateful and feeling so rewarded by the countless smiles you will get and give by doing something good.

4. Say thank you more often.

Showing gratitude is a great way to get spontaneous smiles. Then everybody that helps or supports you in any way throughout the day.

You will meet many people during the day, like family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, store employees, people that deliver your mail, and customers and servers at restaurants.

5. Show a genuine smile.

Give someone a genuine smile
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The above points are great ways to get a smile on people`s faces. But we saved the best for last!

If you reveal a genuine smile to everybody you meet, you will experience how easy it is to get others to smile!

We hope to have given you some great ways how to make a person`s day!

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