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10 Positivity Podcasts that You Should Check out.

10 Positivity Podcasts that You Should Check out.

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Positivity Podcasts can help you kick off your day in a good mood. Sometimes finding your morning motivation is not that easy. With this article, we help you find that boost to start your day fully motivated.

We made a selection of our favorite positive Podcasts that will enable you to jumpstart your day recharged and with a positive mental attitude.

An excellent podcast will allow you to start your day with good interviews and stories, putting you in the right mood and mindset.

The best part here is that it’s simpler than ever! You will feel mentally recharged and ready to tackle your day with the best positivity podcast for daily inspiration.

Positivity Podcasts on Spotify

Check out our top pick of the best positivity podcast you should listen to today.

1. The Happiness Lab.

The Happiness Lab – Dr. Laurie Santos @Spotify

Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos studied happiness as science and found that many do the contrary to making their lives better.

She will share surprising and inspiring stories and the latest scientific research with you to change the way you think about happiness. Visit also her website Happiness Lab
Happy listening!

2. Happy Place

Happy Place – Fearne Cotton @Spotify

Fearne Cotton is an English Television and Radio presenter. Since 2018 she has this fantastic Podcast Happy Place to help you unlock your inner happiness.

Drawn from her own experiences and advice from experts and inspiring individuals, she enables you to work through feeling blue to finding joy each day. Where`s your happy place? Find out in this positive Podcast.

Read more about

3. The Chalene Show

The Chalene Show – Chalene Johnson @Spotify

This show likes you to do more of the things that make you happy. Chalene Johnson provides practical resources and advice to find happy relationships, better health, and more positive energy.

Here you will find out more about

4. 10% Happier with Dan Harris.

Ten Percent Happier – Dan Harris @Spotify

Dan is sought for his tips and tricks on mindfulness. The meditation lover continues his hunt for happiness and peace of mind as he interviews people on their greater enlightenment journey.

Here you will find out more about

5. The Positive Psychology Podcast.

The Positive Psychology Podcast – Kristen Truempy @Spotify

This podcast brings the good life to your headphones. You will hear about gratitude, positive emotions, the appreciation of beauty, relationships, and love.

You don`t need to be academic to reap the benefits of this inspiring and positive Podcast.

6. Happier in Hollywood.

Happier in Hollywood – Liz Craft and Sarah Fain @Spotify

Liz Craft and Sarah Fain have been friends since high school and have survived in the male-dominated entertainment industry.

They learned a lot, which they share with you in this podcast about being happier, more creative, better clear-mindedness, and more successful in our crazy modern world. Find the website here: Happier in Hollywood. Let them surprise you with their candid podcast.

7. The Daily Happy.

The Daily Happy – Lulu Picart & Alison Burns @ Spotify

These very talented ladies Lulu Picart and Alison Burns present you with their Podcast about fake luxury travel. They are the perfect duo to entertain you with their life story in a humorous and endearingly way.

Suitable for a laugh and a good mood to start your day. Or as they say it: Your 10-minute laugh dance begins now!

8. Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin @ Spotify

In her podcast, Gretchen Rubin wants her listeners to be happier. She motivates her co-host Elizabeth – her sister – to put her recommendations into practice while offering listeners suggestions about everything from impulsiveness to worry and scheduling time.

Find here her website:

9. French Kiss Life.

French Kiss Life – Tonya Leigh @ Spotify

More elegance in our everyday and
more joie in our vivre.

Tonya leigh

Life Coach Tonya Leigh realized after a trip to Paris what it means to live a well-lived life.

Her Podcast French Kiss Life is a journey into l’Art de Vivre, where you explore the French way of looking at life. You French Kiss Life, and you are feeling no regrets about what you love.

She teaches you that real success comes from within and radiates into everything we do, not the other way around. Find here her Website: School of Self-image.

A very inspiring and positive Podcast!

10. Think Positive: Daily Affirmations.

Think Positive: Daily Affirmations @ Spotify

A great start of your day is this Podcast with daily Affirmations. They help you get the best out of you and out of your life. Try this Podcast and find out!

So, which of these positivity podcasts would you love to listen to today?

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